Getariako Txakolina, País Vasco


Rubentis Getariako Txakolina Hondarrabi Beltza Hondarrabi Zuri Rosé Blend 2022

Fresh and vibrant, green bell pepper and strawberry, yum! — 3 days ago

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Getariako Txakolina Hondarrabi Zuri 2033

Very nice Txakolina! Crisp and refreshing poolside with some pear flavors. — 4 days ago


Hondarribia Getariako Txakolina Hondarrabi Zuri 2020

Light straw color with some green highlights. Ever present aromas of green apple, grapefruit, tropical citrus and white flowers. More citrusy (lemon) on the pallet with a very long finish. Mouth watering acidity and just a touch of effervescence. Clean and bright! Excellent! — 2 months ago

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Getariako Txakolina Hondarrabi Zuri

Light sparkling effervescent white wine. Good flavor and easy to pair with food or drink alone — 5 hours ago


Roca Altxerri Getariako Txakolina Hondarrabi Beltza Hondarrabi Zuri 2021

First Txacoli rosé, wouldn’t be surprised if this turned in to the “wine of the summer” kinda thing. Watermelon-ish, with bright acidity and nice salinity on the finish. Cheers. — 2 months ago

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Oxer Bastegieta

Marko Gure Arbasoak Special Selection Bizkaiko Txakolina 2020

very nice wine, tastes like a natural wine should, mountainous cloudy tone. If/when you see this wine…buy/try it and thank me later 😊 — 4 months ago


Txakoli Getariako Txakolina Hondarrabi Zuri

Lively Spanish white (Hondarrabi Zuri) served with grilled tuna steak at DeuxAve in Boston — 5 days ago


Getariako Txakolina Hondarrabi Zuri 2021

Light, refreshing, on the crisp side, floral and light lemon peel flavors with mineral finish. Very clean. A lovely alternative to vinho verde. — a month ago

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Bodega Rezabal

Getariako Txakolina Txakoli 2021

Drank with Sam and Malayka.
Green apple-y effervescent light crisp refreshing medium acid.
— 4 months ago

Bodega Gorosti

Flysch Getariako Txakolina

Fresh and light. A little effervescent but not over the top or too fruity. Would def buy again. Easy to drink and nice finish. This was 2019. — 5 months ago