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Moscato 2018

Very sweet. Crisp. What you'd want in a moscato — 8 days ago

Elk Cove Vineyards

Estate Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2017

Writing is all about QPR for this table wine. Less than $16 for a completely inoffensive true Pinot = a great deal. All Willamette Valley: darker color, higher alcohol than listed 11.5% BS on the label, less nose, more fresh backyard small plums than cherries mid-palate. Surprisingly satisfying finish that lingers far longer than this price point would suggest!!! Buy as an affordable table wine and to share with the bulk of friends who like wine but have zero palate. — a month ago

Elk Cove Vineyards

Willamette Valley Pinot Gris 2018

Floral nose. Ample body. Juicy with pear, melon, and faint muscat finish. Great acidity not much minerality. Dry enough with fruit playing a supporting role. — 8 days ago

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Elk Cove Vineyards

Roosevelt Yamhill - Carlton Pinot Noir 2015

Spicy full bodied great Oregon Pinot. — a month ago

Domaine de Durban

Gigondas Red Rhone Blend

Jen El

Delicious! Juicy but with structure. Had with daveed at timber cove — a month ago

Yealands Estate

Clearwater Cove Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2018

Marc S

Very good NZ SB, soft floral and citrus tones without green apples and elderflower dominance. — 3 months ago

Elk Cove Vineyards

Willamette Valley Pinot Noir Rosé 2019

Hello everyone! It is Friday night and I have opened the 2019 Elk Cove Vinyards Willamette Valley Estate Pinot Noir Rosé.

On the nose I am receiving notes of strawberry, cherry,red raspberry, tangerine peel, red currant, nice floral notes and minerality.

On the palate there is strawberry, cherry, red raspberry, spice, earthy notes and minerality.

This wine is medium bodied with a beautiful pink color and medium + acidity with medium fine tannins which brings you right into a medium to long fresh fruit finish. We have made it to another weekend and I hope that everyone are staying healthy and safe. Let's have a great weekend with continued health. Nostrovia! 🍷🍷🍷🍷
— a month ago

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Elk Cove Vineyards

Windhill Willamette Valley Pinot Noir

Earthy and spicy. Bold right out of the bottle — no decant needed. Great balance with grilled lamb. Thanks @Kim Brater — 2 months ago

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