Fleur De Valle

Les Crêtes

Valle d'Aosta Petite Arvine Fleur 2021

Very nice local wine on site in Valle d'Aoste. — 21 days ago

Amy Monroe
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Les Crêtes

Valle d'Aosta Chardonnay 2020

Bought at a restaurant in Milan. Love, creamy yet mineral Chardonnay. Very well balanced for both of us. Lovely white wine! — 10 days ago

Château Fleur Haut Gaussens

Supérieur Red Bordeaux Blend 2019

Nice nose with oaky notes and currant and small red berries. There is a tiny bit of meat juice too. The palate is well made with a good width, some matter and a nice grainy mouthfeel that expand in the rear with a spherical effect before a great finish with fruits, that meat juice touch and a tiny touch of bitterness. I have had much worse Saint emilion grand cru — 7 days ago

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Maison Albert Vevey

Blanc de Morgex et de la Salle 2018

Does it taste like an alpine wine? Maybe it’s the power of suggestion but yes — 19 days ago

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Santo Tomás

Duetto Tempranillo Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

Love the art, the he’s y bottle and of course, the wine. Don’t get this in the states and always enjoy this when in MX. For those who think MX may not have high quality wines, please investigate this and other great bottles. This is one of my favorites!! — 8 days ago

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Abbazia di Novacella (Stiftskellerei Neustift)

Valle Isarco / Eisacktaler Sylvaner 2020

You could do a lot worse for $20. Yellow-green hue, citrus zip and pit fruit, ripe and viscous with mineral finish — 6 days ago

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Ceccherini Cristiano

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I reckon that terroir where Abbazia di Novacella is among the best plots where to grow Sylvaner in the world, definitely in Italy. There are many other producers doing Sylvaner in Valle d'Isarco/Eisecktaler and most of the time it's their best bottling...i reckon it's a better vocated area than Franconia in Germany for it. Cheers!

Dolores Cabrera Fernández

La Araucaria Tinto Paraje La Perdoma Tenerife Valle de la Orotava Listan Negro 2015

Last bottle I had held onto but me methinks it was already on the downward slope. One of my fave Canary wines & so originally vital in all kinds of rose petal, forest leaves, & menthol notes, but now more muted. Bottle variability or just 7 years is pushing it? — 8 days ago

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Le Triolet (Marco Martin)

Vallèe d'Aoste Gamay

Nice fruit forward taste. Notes of cherry and tobacco. Wonderful taste straightforward not complex but well balanced. Enjoyable flavorful wine — 13 days ago

Grosjean Frères

Torrette Petit Rouge Blend 2016

Excellent wine, good for summer. Had at il buco alimentari — 14 days ago

Dolores Cabrera Fernández

La Araucaria Valle de la Orotava Tinto Listan Negro 2021

Super unique aromas... damp soil, olives, very savory... no prominent fruits. Medium body, some dark fruits in the taste with that overall savory-ness, super chalky tannins that linger on and on. — 2 days ago