Feudo Di Santa Tresa

Feudo di Santa Croce

Imperio LXXIV Primitivo di Manduria 2016

Wonderful at pier points. Fruit forward but balanced. — a month ago

Feudo di Santa Tresa

Brut Il Grillo di Santa Tresa

Well balanced standard. Nothing too crazy or unique, but still packs a punch flavor-wise. — 10 months ago

Feudo di Santa Croce

Alèa Salento IGT Malvasia Bianca

Вкус больше терпкий, чем кислый. Сухое вмеру. Легкое, приятное — 4 years ago

Feudo di Santa Tresa

Sicilia IGT Frappato 2019

Rina Russa Terre Siciliane, organic. Pretty light, nice chilled. Wild strawberry, minerals, some brambles, nice acidity. From Main Street Wine and Gourmet, Orleans. 09/05/21 — 3 months ago

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Feudo di Santa Croce

LXXIV Antichi Vini Pugliesi Primitivo di Manduria

This is an amazing wine and it is one of my favorite ones to bring to dinners. It is robust tannic fairly big and opens very quickly. As a cousin to the zinfandel it shows as it is extremely drinkable despite it's large tannic quality. Elements of black fruit and pepper remind me of both the zinfandel and the Shiraz. Anyone familiar Shirah from the Rhone Valley should definitely give this one a try. The only thing I will say is that I enjoy it with friends and less you can finish the bottle by yourself. It dies fairly quickly. — 5 years ago

Santa Tresa

Bio Organic Rosa di Santa Tresa

Really enjoyed this wine. Soft, fruit forward, and easy to drink. — 10 months ago

Feudo di Santa Croce

Since 1974 Primitivo di Manduria 2016

Very well balanced, both rich and smooth👍🏻 — a year ago

Feudo di Santa Croce

Salento Aglianico 2016

Full bodied wine! Has so many delicious flavors going on as you drink it! Love it! — 4 years ago

Feudo di Santa Tresa

Nìvuro Nero d'Avola-Perricone

Very fruity and a nice bite. — 6 years ago