El Jolgorio

El Jolgorio

Mexicano Mezcal

Green notes. Smooth. Dangerous — 4 years ago

El Jolgorio

Mezcal Joven Agave Mexicano Silvestre 2016

Casey Curbow

Crystalline and transparent expression of this vegetal and herbaceous agave variety. — 5 years ago

El Jolgorio

Wild Tobaziche Mezcal

John McCarroll

Sexy as hell, animal and lean — 6 years ago

El Jolgorio

Tobalá Mezcal Agave

Angila Lynch

Angila had this 9 years ago

Distillery Palenque

Jalal's 2018

This is El Jolgorio Jabali. Black bottle very floral and expressive. Notes and name erased with bottle numbers etc as this was not in @delectable and erased when asked to identify — 5 years ago

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El Jolgorio

Pechuga Mezcal 2016

Great fruit and smoked meat with a light spicy finish. Special Edition 07. Bottle 102/1100. 10 year Espadin Nom 098X. Jose Cortez Santiago. — 5 years ago

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El Jolgorio

Mezcal Tepeztate Agave

Great nose, concentrated heat...smooth — 8 years ago

Distillery Palenque

Coyote Mezcal Joven 2017

This is El Jolgorio Coyote. Rarely found black bottle distilled in 2017. This a awesome. I had already written notes but since this is not in @Delectable and ask for them to identify (and gave great details of this including name, etc and notes) which were erased. The best Coyote I’ve had to date. — 5 years ago

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El Jolgorio

Cuixe Silvestre Mezcal 2014

Very nice! — 5 years ago

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El Jolgorio

Mezcal Madrecuixe

Angel Martinez

I'm pretty sure this is the best mezcal; ever. — 8 years ago