Domaine Economou

Domaine Economou

Sitia V.P.Q.R.D. Red Blend 1999

Color is light especially on the rim. Initial nose has some seeweed and vegetal component. And initial taste seems very smooth and easy to drink. Tannin is round and well integrated. There is a core sweet taste. The nose then pick up tea smoke and some hoisin sauce. — 15 days ago

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Domaine Economou

Oikonomoy Crete Assyrtiko 2013

Terrific core acidity and other assyrtiko characteristics blended with the best qualities of mace ration and oxidation. Very versatile. — 2 years ago

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Domaine Economou

Oikonomoy Crete

Rachel Merriam

Ripe and oxidized — 4 years ago

Diego Moya
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Domaine Economou

Oikonomoy Crete Liatiko 2012

a nose like many Greek wines, but way more texture and complexity. apricot, peach, mineral, ah fuck, anything I say the morning after is totally cliched. really great. — 4 years ago

Felix Salmon
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