Distilleria Varnelli

Distilleria Romano Levi

Signorina Camille Grappa

Delightful. — 2 years ago

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Distilleria Bottega Alexander

Aqua di Vita Grappa White Blend

Grappa Moscato - I like grappa and especially Grappa Moscato but this smells like fish! The Dutch new herring, to be precise, very peculiar... - night cap — 5 years ago

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Distilleria Quaglia

Vermouth del Professore Rosso 2014

Christopher Losa

so many vermouths, so little time. — 5 years ago

Antica Distilleria

Limoncello Petrone

— 5 years ago

Sibona Antica Distilleria

XO Aged Cuvée Grappa

В ароматике хлебные нотки. Теплая ароматика со сладостью. Мягкий вкус с приятным обвалакивающим пвк — 6 years ago

Sibona Antica Distilleria

La Grappa di Barolo Nebbiolo

First Grappa. Need some saucisson and gorgonzola or something. She is strong, but fruity and smoky. — 3 years ago

Erin Pryce
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Sibona Antica Distilleria

La Grappa di Chardonnay

Very sweet light grape, almond, marzipan on the nose. Whew! Intense, but very cool on the palate. Almond all the way. My first grappa making a great first impression. — 5 years ago

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Distilleria Varnelli

Amaro l'Erborista

Just an amazing bottle of amaro! — 5 years ago