Assemblage de Cépages Rouges 2016

A very different proposal of red blend from Switzerland containing Pinot Noir, Syrah, Humagne Rouge, Diolinoir and Gamaret... a generous taste not complex, not fruity but a kind woody. Humble tones! — 3 years ago

Cottinelli Malans

Molina Graubünden Red Blend 2015

Cabernet Cubin, Cabernet Dorio, Cabernet Dorsa, Diolinoir, Gamaret, Merlot, Regent, Zweigelt — 3 years ago

Domiane de Beudon

Les Vignes dans le Ciel Valais Diolinoir 2009

Red fruit, spice, crushed red flowers, bright, fresh and round — 6 years ago

Commune de Pully

Cave De La Commune De Pully 2012

2012 vintage - we had this Swiss wine from the Lavaux last night with grilled sausages. The spicy gaminess of the Gamaret - Diolinoir blend went nicely with the meal. — 7 years ago


Eigenkelterung Primus B Deux Noirs 2014

A very light and delicious Pinot Noir — 3 years ago

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Robert Gilliard

Tonneliers Diolinoir 2013

Anise, charcoal. Varietal we don't get in the US — 5 years ago


Alizarine Valais Pinot Noir Blend 2014

Light, with red and dark fruit and spice, and a tabacco flavour. Complex and exquisite. A great Swiss wine. — 7 years ago

Domaine de Beudon

Constellation Pinot Noir Blend 2007

Harvested by people in rappelling gear, elegant funk god — 8 years ago

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