Celler De Capçanes

Celler De Capçanes

Peraj Petita Montsant Red Blend 2016

Excellent BLEND Garnacha (mostly), Tempranillo, Merlot, Syrah .... when I saw the blend and where it was cming from I thought to myself : “... How can I possibly Go wrong with this !!!?? “ ... And I was soooo right !!! BIG wine with intense flavors of dark fruit (especially blackberries, raspberries and plums), violets, pepper, herbs and spice. It borrows smoke, underbrush and eucalyptus from the Tempranillo. The sweet roundness of the merlot and the sharpness of the Syrah...ONLY missing a bit of complexity and mineral undertones but still a GREAT wine from an area that has been delivering truly amazing creations year after year and haven’t reach yet their full potential ... — 20 days ago

Celler De Capçanes

Pansal del Calas Montsant Grenache 2013

Vintage 2013 | dessertwine from garnacha. Smell is a combination of tobacco and chocolate. Vibrant taste. | paired with cherries dessert ~ at Pollevie — 10 months ago

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Celler De Capçanes

Costers del Gravet Montsant Carignan Blend 2011

I don’t think this is the correct wine. This Costers del Gravet is Montsant with cab Sauv, Garnacha and samso blend. Earthy and spicy. Nice change up. — 2 months ago

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Celler De Capçanes

Peraj Ha'abib Flor de Primavera Kosher Grenache Blend 2018

Best Montsant I’ve had. It has the fruit intensity of a Priorat with the backbone of a Cab. Powerful but well balanced. Fruity with some peppery notes. — 4 months ago

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Celler De Capçanes

Altre Mon Samsó 2016

Very smooth. Love Spanish wines. On the fruity side but good. — 9 months ago

Celler De Capçanes

2/VB Blanc de Negres Garnatxa Negra i Criat en Botes 2009

13º Premio Vila Viniteca de Cata por Parejas. Casa Llotja de Mar.
— a year ago

Celler De Capçanes

Montsant Cabrida Garnacha 2011

Celler de Capcanes is a modern cooperative in the province of Tarragona. Founded in 1933. Aromas of hot wet bitumen road with mint, menthol, herbs. After a while in the decanter a ripe red fruited perfume and a touch of tar. No sign of raspberry which one often gets with new world Grenache. A medium to full bodied palate. The following night the palate was a little “blocky” without much nuance. I’m somewhat non-plussed for the price and reputation. 100% Garnacha; one of the 1001 Wines; approximately 3000 bottles made. Imported into Australia by the wonderfully named “The Spanish Acquisition “. Postscript: The name derives from when the vineyards were abandoned and taken over by goats (cabra means goat). — 3 months ago

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Celler De Capçanes

Peraj Ha'abib Flor de Primavera Pinot Noir 2017

Pinot Noir from Catalunya, Spain - that’s unusual in and of itself. If I tasted this blind I’m not sure I would guess that. Fruit forward, with cherry and cola. — a year ago

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