Carl Loewen

Carl Loewen

1896 Riesling Erste Lage 2018

Pop and pour. A bit under a year since my last btl. This is stunning. Coiled density, suave personality, loads of dense lemon oil and peach. Fantastic acidity and mineral depth, together with a very long finish. Voluptuous, generous and elegant. — 17 days ago

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Carl Loewen

Longuich Maximin Herrenberg 1896 Trocken Alte Reben Riesling 2018

Pings your nostrils with sequence of subtle vibrations at hummingbird frequency. Lime, orange blossom, burnt match. Then a slow slip into my absolute favorite honeyed dimension. I love when honey shows up - it's one of my favorite notes in wine. Here it changes the direction from steely stern face to a textured viscous warm smirk. — 5 months ago

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Carl Everson

Slanghoek-Opstal Estate Cape Blend 2018

Enjoyable sum of it’s parts. Meaty, savory, bright red fruit and some smoother richer tannins. — 20 days ago

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Carl Reh

Piesporter Michelsberg Spätlese Riesling

Excellent with poultry dishes and even slightly spicy fish. Sweet and refreshing. — 2 months ago

Carl Schmitt-Wagner

Longuicher Maximiner Herrenberg Kabinett Riesling 2007

This was fabulous Kabinett, drinking beautifully — 4 months ago

Carl Loewen

Maximin Herrenberg Alte Reben Trocken Riesling 2019

Wish I could have saved for a few years. — 8 months ago

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Carl Loewen

Maximin Herrenberg GG Riesling 2017

Glowing liquid gold. No doubt, my favorite shade of riesling. We're in for some expression, maybe even a smile. Smells like can of Sprite and sticky Valencia orange slices, beads of juice crawling down your palms. Tastes like starfruit and lime-aid sherbert, bitter grapefruit, thyme, and honey. Pinnacle acid and mouth coating viscosity. Long as the summer sun. — 2 months ago

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Carl Loewen

Ritsch Grosses Gewachs Riesling 2018

Citrus spray in slo mo - like a 90's OJ ad on Channel 4. Or the one for all-natural counter cleaner. Bergamot, clementine and bitter lime pith. Granny smith and cool flinty smoke. A hanging honey note transitions without much of one into a textured Meade-like experience. Riesling shines with honey. Doesn't give but for a ruby grapefruit bitter bite.

Excellent in smaller doses because damn acid can tire a fella.
— 4 months ago

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Dominio de Pingus

PSI Ribera del Duero Tempranillo 2018

Carl and Judy at Porta Vino — 5 months ago

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