Bodega Abel Mendoza

Bodega Septima

Mendoza Malbec 2018

There is a mineral thing there, like pencil lead along with a bright black fruit like blackberry. The palate is very joyful. A strong acid backbone, a nice blackberry fruit all along, blossoming all the way, a spherical mid palate with a little bit of a grain. Long fruity finish. Wow this is simple but so good! — 11 days ago

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Terrazas de Los Andes

Cheval des Andes Mendoza Malbec Blend 2016

Ron R

Reggie in the background!
Happy thanksgiving, peeps. Wifey’s donut holes are great.
Suckling rated this 100pts, we are not aligned at all.
— 6 days ago

Jennifer James AylingAnne-marie Beausejour
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Agree with the JS comments, that’s why I count all you guys for my frame of reference. Looking forward to opening this bottle currently in my cellar though.
Ron R

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Let us know where you land with your score.

Eric Premium Badge

I was with you on the rating I had on this -16 I had a little over a month ago.

Bodega Catena Zapata

Catena Alta Historic Rows Chardonnay 2017

So this is a pretty legit chard from down south. — 17 days ago

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El Enemigo

Mendoza Syrah Viognier 2017

PnP. After an hour the tanins integrate a bit better in this well made syrah.
Will keep my other bottles another year.
Nice glass with fruit enough.
— 21 hours ago

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Bodega Catena Zapata

Argentino Mendoza Malbec 2008

Purple black in colour. Blueberry, Chocolate and Cocoa. Big rich ripe and concentrated with plenty of extract. Black and blue fruits - plum and blueberry on the palate. Full bodied with medium plus intensity. Generous in flavour without being too heavy. Reminiscent of Cheval des Andes in that respect. Points off for an overly heavy bottle. — 13 days ago

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Love this wine. Good review.
Bob McDonald

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Thanks Ericsson. I should drink more Argie Malbec. Have always loved their white grape, Torrontes.

H J. Fabre

Reserva Mendoza Malbec 2017

Very tannic, but a nice ending to a friendthanksgiving! — 7 days ago

Julie VowinkelEric Mckenzie
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Sharon B

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@Neil Valenzuela same to you Neil!
Sharon B

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Happy thanksgiving @Neil Valenzuela
Sharon B

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Happy thanksgiving @Neil Valenzuela

El Enemigo

Mendoza Chardonnay

Nice fresh chardonnay. Crisp is even a better word. Lime and stonefruit hints, touch of pepper. Paired with seared cod, white wine (yes this chardonnay) sauce and old style mash (butter no milk). Whoop whoop! — 8 days ago

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Luca Wines

Tupungato Chardonnay 2016

Medium lemon color with aromas of white flesh fruits and smoky oak. On the palate flavors of ripe apple, pear and sweet citrus with vanilla spice, creamy with buttery notes. Medium+ finish ending with wet stone, toasty oak and sweet spice. More concentrated that the ‘17 I tried. — 12 days ago

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Mascota Vineyards

La Mascota Mendoza Cabernet Franc 2018

Deep ruby. Red cherry and white cranberry on the nose. Palate (medium full body) echoes the nose with a hint of nuttiness and red licorice on the finish. Medium tannins; more assertive on the back palate. Medium plus (for a New World Bordeaux variety) acidity. The lighter, more senior Cabernet in the hands of the skillful Opi Sadler makes a versatile red at home with cheeses, on the early autumn porch , and of course with classic cuts of beef (it’s Argentine, after all). Drink now though 2023. — 2 days ago

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Bodega Catena Zapata

La Consulta Nicasia Vineyard Malbec 2014

Purple black color. Black (candied) cherries jump out of the glass almost overwhelming you.
Very smooth drinking with tannins and acidity to keep the excitement!
Decant at least an hour!
— 11 days ago

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