Dos Maderas

5 + 3 Double Aged Rum

First time for a Spanish Rum. Actually it was from Barbados with the barrels exported to Spain where it matured for 3 years in casks previously used for Sherry before bottling. Smooth smoky cocoa and molasses type notes. Mellow. — 3 months ago

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20th Anniversary Barbados Rum

Smooth, nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon - very drinkable — 2 years ago


Barbados Pure Single Rum 2015


Excellent rum. If you get it, taste it and you ‘ll never forget — 3 years ago

Bumbu Rum Co.

Bumbu The Original Rum

Green Bananas on the nose. Light brown sugar hints of coconut and lingering spice finish. — 5 months ago


XO 20th Anniversary Barbados Rum

Intense aromatics of Caramel, vanilla, coconut and banana (almost like the sugarcane is picking up other plants in the vicinity!). Very very mellow on the palate and dangerously drinkable. A bottle of this between friends could disappear very quickly. Under no circumstances put anything but a block of ice or a little water with the rum. Coca Cola is a hanging offence with a rum as smooth and flavoursome as this. Purchased this in Europe in 2018 and now trying to track down a bottle in Australia. — a year ago

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Bob McDonald

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@Byron Hewett Thanks for the info Byron. I am in Toowoomba. I will get onto it. Have dealt with Nicks before.
Byron Hewett

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I used to live in Wahroonga a long time ago.
Bob McDonald

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@Byron Hewett A beautiful suburb on the “leafy North Shore” as they say.

Mount Gay Distilleries Ltd.

XO Reserve Cask Rum

Delicious fruit nose and sweet tropical fruit taste with molasses, long smooth fiery finish. — 3 years ago

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The Real McCoy

Limited Edition Rum Aged 12 Years

Enjoyed this one with friends — 7 months ago

St. Nicholas Abbey

20 Years Old Barbados Rum

A beautiful, smooth, nuanced, aged rum. — a year ago

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Foursquare Rum Distillery

Transcontinental Rum Line Barbados Rum 2014

This review is for the Fiji rum from the same company. Rubber, licorice, orange, and vanilla. Unlike most molasses based rum... a bit agricole like.. — 3 years ago

Banks Barbados Brewery

Brewery Fresh Caribbean Lager

Local brew on the first night, very good pilsner style beer, malty with a good finish. Good choice with the excellent jerk chicken! — 3 years ago

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