Rutherford Cabernet Sauvignon

My buddy @Mike R and his lovely wife drove all the way out to the sticks to meet me and my daughters on our country vacation and we met at a little diner and brought a few wines to share....I meant to bring the ‘13 Scarecrow but mistakenly grabbed the ‘14 because of the damn tissue wrap. No worries with the vintage mix up—it absolutely shined bright like a diamond as did Mike and Rhonda who immediately make you feel at ease and happy when you see them. The Scarecrow was resplendent in dark chocolate, Jamaican coffee, rich soil, smoke and buoyant sweet purple fruit. Astonishing purity, acceleration through the mid palate and a very lengthy velvet coated finish. Superb performance for such a nascent wine and the company was beyond compare. @Mike R drove me home to my farm afterword and we hit a deer (it and his car are OK) on the way and we ended the evening shooting off fireworks on the back porch. Pure country goodness. — 6 days ago

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By the way I am a walking advocate for the Lexus LS 500 - it takes.a licking and keeps on ticking - 👍
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@Bill Bender btw I wore the Carolina Blue shirt for you but for God’s sake no blackmailing me with all the farmers from NC state please - they might be a bonfire in my front yard if this got out and of course rhonda showed Tory Holt the pic who laughed and did an immediate thumbs down with his still broken thumb from his NFL days
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Thank you @Phil A and as always love the satire @TheSkip is funny but sadly no shooting this time

Giuseppe E Figlio Mascarello

Barolo Nebbiolo 1964

Michael Meagher MS

Good sweet lord. #unicorn #notworthy — a year ago

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