Curling Vine Winery

Perfect Red

Anther good Missouri wine. Had a bit of carbonation. Not sure if that's supposed to be there, but I think I like it. Smooth. Nice flavor. #curlingvinewinery #hermann — 3 years ago

Stone Hill Winery

Chambourcin 2012

Derek Cohen

Listen, I don't want to come off as biased, because I'm not a fan of all the wines we make at my place if employment. But this easy going $11 bottle has more soul than any of your overpriced Sonoma county #pinotnoir's (taste/body wise the closest vinifera comparison) that people buy up in heard formation (not naming names). A unique lush boysenberry gives way to black cherries and supple dry spice on the finish. A #seductive #elegance reminiscent of the sexiest #bourgogne's WILL leave you craving more after every sip. Did I mention it only retails for like $11? #chambourcin #MOwines #gem #missouri #hermann #value — 5 years ago