Les Vignerons de l'Enclave des Papes

Valreas Cuvée Prestige Côtes du Rhône Villages Red Rhône Blend 2015

Expected to like this more than I did... it's got some ripe fruit juiciness and light tannins, as one might expect of a bottle from this appellation at this price point. The nose is a tad earthy and toasty but on the palette, it's simpler and woodier (hehe, she said wood) than I thought it would be. Much tastier with a slice of foot-stinky cheese. (Don't ask what the cheese was, my date left it here after making me breakfast this morning and he tossed the label). #côtesduwhat #traderjoes #cheesewine #coravin — 3 years ago

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Castello d'Albola

Le Ellere Chianti Classico Sangiovese 2008

This label looks eerily like the Ebola virus under a microscope. What of the juice? Dusty cherry, an Italian sausage melange, plumy-ness and cinnamon, and Romano cheese with Anchovy. Really smells like everything but wine. Hmmm. Cheesiness continues on the palate, Parmesan and artichoke. Crazy wine. I don't know where to begin. Holy crap! Garlic bread too? This feels like winemaker wine, but I am miffed. It is like a hot pocket in a glass. Not terroir right? Unless there are hills of undercooked dough in Tuscany. Weird wine. Not unpleasant if you want a snack after street skating. Tell your mom hi! #mealinaglass #cheesewine — 5 years ago

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