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Carmen Daniel, whose username is “ Camille Offenbach ”, joins us as this week's Featured User! My name is Carmen, I was born to a loving, but teetotalling, California family in the 1970s. I earned my art degree in San Francisco in the 90s and went on to become an art teacher. After years of writing unsuccessful personal ads on Craigslist, I met Joe and we decided to start a family. Now I am a mom and a teacher-- life is always full and exciting. A glass of wine at the end of the day is a welcome coda. D: What sparked your passion for wine? CD: I have to blame Katie at tableWINE in Pacifica, CA. I wandered into her shop a few years ago and my kids fell in love with her Lego room and we fell in love with terroir, volcanic dirt flavors, exotic Mediterranean islands, and too many amazing grape varietals to mention. I also have to give a shout out my great-uncle Allan Eisenman. He bucked my mom’s no-alcohol rule at Thanksgiving one year and brought a dessert Moscato from Trader Joe’s. He said it was “raisiny” and I had no idea what that meant until I tried it and it blew my mind. D: What wine region are you wild about right now? CD: Georgia (the country, not the state). The DOQI WINERY Kakheti Rkatsiteli comes up a lot on my feed. We see it, we buy it, we drink it, and if we are feeling particularly generous, we give it away to people we really like. It’s got a great balance between sweet and dry, a wonderful color and its delicious, full stop. D: What is the most unusual wine you’ve ever tried? CD: We had a Tokaji Essencia at a dinner and tasting once and it was quite extraordinary (in the way a buttery-smooth, cave aged blue cheese has a lot to say). I understand why people would pay a lot of money for it. D: What is your golden rule for wine? CD: I have the “arsenic list” saved on my phone and if a wine is on it, we’ll pass. Other than that, I am happy to give almost anything a try. D: Say you’re not allowed to have wine, what is your second option? CD: Depending on the time of day-- in the morning I’d like a cup of vintage Pu-Ehr, a fermented/aged black tea from China, which can be as interesting and terroir-y as a good wine. After 5 PM, I’d take a shot of the smokiest, chumba-wumba mezcal available. D: Choose a movie, book, quote, or song and pair it with a wine. CD: Going back to the Caucasus Mountains, I’d pair the Kakheti Rkatsiteli with “ The Color of Pomegranates ”-- a stunning Soviet-era film homage to a medieval Armenian poet. Like the wine, everything in this movie is steeped in gorgeousness, history, texture and artistry. D: If you were a wine, what wine would you be? CD: I’m a fourth-generation Californian (via Mexico and Germany) and I’ve lived on the San Mateo Coast for most of my life. The Oro en Paz oak-aged Chardonnay would be me. Buttery, with a touch a honey and oak (I was born in an oak-studded valley…).

Angelo Rocca & Figli

Ducale Terre Siciliane Nero d'Avola 2016

Purchased at the Grocery Outlet for $5.99.

That said, when we opened it yesterday it was totally not-descript. I wasn't even going to post it. Now, I am flabbergasted. We wasted it!
👃 lots of plummy raisins and caramel. So much fruit, it reminded me of a fruit compote.
👅 Pleasant leathery tannins, dry, subtly astringent. I never thought I'd b say "pleasant" and "leathery" in the same sentence.

Let this air out at least 24 hours!
— 5 years ago

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Sharon B

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My favorite grape!
Sharon B

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Congratulations on your feature!


@Camille Offenbach Great find Cheers 🍷

Casa San Matías

Gran Reserva Exta Añejo Tequila

👃 fruity, sweet, 🍍
👅 peppery, apples, lingering, hot finish.
Light Amber liquid. Purchased at Bottles and Bitters in S. San Francisco for around $50. Yasss. Cuts the richness of artichokes and mayo nicely.
— 5 years ago

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Domaine Le Capitaine

Les Perrières Vouvray Chenin Blanc 2015

Purchased at tableWINE. Stuffy 👃, but here goes. Grapery jolly ranchery notes. A lovely Chardonnay-like butter-i-ness. Chewy. Round. Very nice. Yum yum yum. — 5 years ago

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Count Karolyi Private Cellars

Pannon Grüner Veltliner 2016

We are total suckers for Hungarian wines. A very light nose- traces of vodka-like vapors. An ephemeral sweet front and drier, green, astringent gummy flavors on the back. A satisfying sipper. Pretty sure we purchased this at Trader Joe's. — 5 years ago

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Mezcal Vago

Elote Mezcal Joven Agave 2018

Rahhhhh! This may be my new best friend. Smokey fire straight down my esophagus. Hooo baby! Vapors exit the sinuses in a very pleasant way. Words don't express. Purchased at Bottles and Bitters for nigh into $60 — 5 years ago

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Zoltán Demeter

Veres Tokaji Furmint 2016

We don't drink a lot of dessert wines, but when we do, it's this one. Sweet, but not cloyingly so, lots of fruit flavors. Yum. Purchased at tableWINE. — 5 years ago

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Vinho Verde Trajadura Loureiro 2012

Not too sweet, and nicely tart. Balanced. Also, my Portuguese-speaking friend corrected my pronunciation-- it's pronounced "verge". Trader Joe's. — 5 years ago

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Doqi Winery

Kakheti Rkatsiteli 2016

Vanilla and green nose. Mineral and buttery. Very dry. So good with our zoodle carbonara. — 5 years ago

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@Camille Offenbach Congrats on your Delectable Feature! Welcome to the team 🤓🍾


@Camille Offenbach Camille enjoyed reading the Delectable feature on you. You are an person with varied interests. Cheers from British Columbia 🍷

Yuu Baal

Espadin Joven Tepestate

This is only the second mezcal I've drunk. The first one was amazing--- smooth & smokey. This one we got at Costco for $24.99. Smokey, yes. Smooth, nope. But, still, I am quite happy with it. I'm exhaling the vapors right now, listening to Joni Mitchell and all is well. — 5 years ago

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