Viuva José Gomes Da Silva & Filhos

Viuva José Gomes da Silva & Filhos

Reserva Tinto Collares Ramisco 1969

OK, this is 50+ year old Ramisco from Collares (note old spelling with 2 “ll”), grown in the SAND west of Lisbon, leather, earthy, just amazingly complex, balanced, with an incredible finish, a hand-carried bottle purchased at the winery 1 year ago, no way one smells and tastes this incredible Ramisco and (blind) would guess it’s a 1969 vintage, just incredible!!! — 4 months ago

Jim Powers
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Viuva José Gomes da Silva & Filhos

Collares Ramisco

2005. What an amazing discovery. Agree it's Sangiovese-like. This wine is still stern but shows a sweet leathery core and some delicious unidentifiable jammy smoked plum and some red fruits hiding beneath tannins. — 6 years ago

Zachary Sussman
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Viuva José Gomes da Silva & Filhos

Collares Genuino Premiado 2011

A unicorn wine presents a unicorn experience. First, all hail the Ramisco varietal, explained to me as singular to this area of Portugal and soon to be extinct given the level of building development there. From the label: “the Colares wine región was defined in 1908. The vineyards are planted in the dunes between the hills of sintra and the Atlantic Ocean “. The nose alone is worth the price of admission: vibrates with intensity, red fruits, cut flowers. And this was after drinking an intensely vibrant Syrah by Herve Souhaut!
Taste is somewhere between a medium bodied Rioja and a deep Mercia from Ribera Sacra, minus any traces of barrel aging. Utterly seductive mouthfeel, not unctuous or cloying, almost chewy. An intense pitch of acidity higher up on the register ( hence the Ribera analogy). 38$ for a 500ml bottle. A reminder why sharing wines like these with your homeboys is the only way to live.
— 4 months ago

Owen Mazon
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Peter Sultan

Peter Sultan

Completely smashing wine, & apparently age worthy in a big way@Severn Goodwin
Owen Mazon

Owen Mazon

A dry mouth feel but plush and deep. I need more and so I bought some.

Viuva José Gomes da Silva & Filhos

Collares Genuino Branco 2017

Totally unique green apple pip and sea spray aromas. Grassy and mineral and salty and acidic in nice proportion with a hint of marzipan. Medium body and good concentration and a supple long finish. Not harshly acidic like the red collares I’ve tried, nor as floral as I’d expect from a Malvasia. Like a young savagnin grown on the beach. Would love to try this bottle in several years. — 5 months ago

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Viuva José Gomes da Silva & Filhos

Reserva Branco Collares White Blend 1969

Ilkka Sirén

Collares 1969 — 6 years ago

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old Ramiscu. love it