Vinogorje Brac

Vina Senjković

Opolo Spoža Brac Rosé Blend 2022

Strawberry bouquet and accent, light, smooth, pairs nicely with cheese and fruit (in this case, goat cheese and figs). — 5 months ago

Vinogorje Peljesac

Plavac Barrique 2019

Best buy, lagano crno vino. Top! — 2 years ago

Pošip Čara

Korčulansko Vinogorje Pošip 2017

Amazing with seafood on a hot day! Beautiful wine!! — 4 years ago

Konavosko Vinogorje

Trajectum Cabernet Sauvignon

Top vino, pio sa Marom u Pantarul u DU! — 5 months ago

Vinarija Dingač

Vinogorje Peljesac 2015

Blackberries with a nice dry finish. Nice table wine — 2 years ago

Vina Skaramuča

Vinogorje Peljesac Plavac Mali 2019

Good wine from southern Croatia. Interesting, it is good even if we drink it much cooler than 17-19 °C as producer suggests. — 2 years ago

Vinogorje Kutjevo

Premium Pinot Noir Rosé

With dinner in Dubrovnik — 6 months ago

Vinogorje Hvar

Plame Plavac Mali 2018

A great Croatian red wine grape - plavac mali. Local to The Dalmatian coast. Medium bodied, subtle tannins. Slightly chilled a perfect pairing for the meat dishes of Croatia - like chevapcici. — 2 years ago

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Vinarija Drašković

Vršačko Vinogorje Semi Sweet Muscat Ottonel

2019 vintage. Jasmine, elderflower, lime pith, muskmelon, green apple, green grape, aspirin bitterness, bay leaf. Honestly seems pretty dry to me, but says semi sweet. — 3 years ago

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