Phaunus Palhete Loureiro Vinhão 2017

Bouquet sweet like a river.

Crimson blood orange wine in color.

Apples, plums, cranberries.

Paired wonderfully with charred Brussels sprouts with pistachio and goat cheese panda cotta roasted beets.

Beautiful dining experience with bae at Alta.
— 16 days ago

Adega Coop. de Ponte de Lima

Tinto Sub-Região Do Lima Vinho Verde Vinhão

11% alcohol , serve cold slightly frizzante, very low tannins, acidic enough for seafood, fresh purple color. — 5 months ago


Oppaco Vinhão - Alvarinho 2014


A delicious juicy red wine, quite some (ripe) cherries and some strawberries. Requires to be served chilled. Acidity makes it a fresh wine to enjoy with warm weather. — 2 years ago

Solar de Borgonha

Minho Vinhão 2008

Um vinho verde tinto que acompanha muito bem um arroz de lampreia. Pequeno produtor — 3 years ago

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Jorge Cunha

Jorge Cunha

Uma boa surpresa


Vinho Verde Rosé Blend

Perceptually dry, acidity hides the sugar. 10% ABV. Strawberry and watermelon. Could be a click or two deeper in flavor, but, very pleasant as is. No visual petillance, but announces itself on the palette. Better as a stand alone sipper than with food. Would purchase again.

Loureiro, Trajadura, Borraçal, Espadeiro, Amaral, Vinhão, and Pedernã also known as Arinto
— 2 months ago

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Vinhão 2017

A sort of warm forest note on the nose, can't say if it is blackberry or forest rasperry. A bit of earth. After a while openn up some acidity on the nose, changing smell. Very smoot and soft in the mouth. First surprised it doesnt taste red wine. Silky, very light taste with some kind of acidity gnarring on the tounge in the end. An extremely soft and smooth wine that taste nothing as it smells. — 8 months ago

Adega do Salvador

Portal da Calçada Rosé 2018

Day drinking amid kid chaos. Grapefruit refreshes, strawberry soothes. A little salty, a little tingly, mostly smooth and balanced. Definitely cooling and calming which is what you need when little boys are doing experiments with a vacuum cleaner. — 3 months ago

Parviz GhavamianAlison Rogers Napoleon
with Parviz and Alison
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Yakkos Vinhão 2006

Sparkling vinhao; the red Vino verde grape. All pleasure and drinkablitiy. Great balance, light rs presence (lesser side of brut). V crushable. — 2 years ago

Quinta das Arcas

Arca Nova Vinho Verde Vinhão Espadeiro

Super bubbly. Dale's birthday. — 2 years ago