Veneto Prosecco

Martini & Rossi

Veneto Prosecco

Very nice to drink. Perfect balance of sweet and dry. Light flavor, could be a little stronger. Perfect to drink as is, might be too sweet for mimosas. Ivan likes a lot as well (8). — 4 days ago

Ivan Gomes
with Ivan


Canah Brut Superiore Prosecco di Valdobbiadene

2016 vintage. Crisp green apple, bright acidity, voluminous mousse. A real treat from Valdobbiadene! #organicgrapes — 12 days ago

Cantine Riondo

Spago Nero Prosecco

Perfect! No bitterness! Not too sweet! — 10 days ago


Miol Extra Dry Treviso Prosecco

June 18, 2018. Don’s birthday at Jimmys. Jimmy’s choice of beverage. Nice subtle green apple and stone fruit. Not sweet beautiful expression of extra dry Prosecco. — 2 days ago


Veneto Prosecco 1851

Really good prosecco! Perfect amount of sweetness. — 3 days ago


Edizione Oro Prosecco DOC Treviso Prosecco Frizzante

Citrus, salinity, dry with a hint of sweetness. Dried apricots. — 5 days ago


Extra Dry Prosecco

Lovely and dry. The closest to the real thing I’ve had for some time. — 2 days ago



Delightful balance of light fruity flavors with an almost creamy finish. Easy drinking and not too sweet. — 10 days ago

La Delizia

Extra Dry Prosecco

Very light and dry, super enjoyable cheers! — 4 days ago


Brut Prosecco

Nice prosecco. Light apple and citrus flavors. — 13 days ago