Velké Bílovice, Velkopavlovická

Jediny Sud Vinarstvi

ChaSa Sauvignon Chardonnay 2016

Unusual and intriguing. Very pale gold appearance. Rye bread and lemon nose. Citrus and some tropical fruit, like mangosteen, on the palate. Light bodied with racy acidity. The Chardonnay stands out more than the Sauvignon Blanc. Not far from a Chablis. — 7 months ago

Dobrá vinice

Premium Nejedlik Orange

Very interesting Czech orange wine. Slightly oxidized, almond and orange on the nose, long finish with a bit of sweetness. Great with aged cheese. — 4 years ago

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Malý vinař František a Hana Mádlovi

Alibernet Barrique Pozdni Sběr

Nice crisp and fresh. Fantastic summer wine. — 5 years ago

Glade Parrish
with Glade

Petr Skoupil

Rulandské Mondré Reserva Velké Bílovice, Nová Hora

A nice beuquet of summer fruits on the nose with hints of oak. Tannic and dry on the mouth. Very drinkable. — 2 years ago

František Mádl

František Mádl Rulandské modré

Lovely nose of summer fruits. Reasonably dry and very drinkable — 2 years ago

Dobrá vinice

Créme de Pinot Noir 2014

Almost like cider. Nom. — 4 years ago

Habánské Sklepy


Manna!!!! Drinkin before the show like I know I shouldn't. Also: I 💝 Prague — 5 years ago