Tokaji Aszú

Monte Tokaj

Tokaji Aszú 6 Puttonyos Furmint 2002

amber colored, smells like currants, tastes like honey over key lime pie, and a lingering fruit finish that’s almost jolly rancher tangy. — 2 days ago

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Ferdinánd Pincészet

Padihegy Tokaji Száraz Furmint 2013

pale gold color, with a surprisingly big bouquet that’s sandalwood, taste is different, couldn’t quite place it, the closest I came was lemon drop. — 2 days ago

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Chateau Cloche

Tokaji Szamorodni Sweet Quality White Wine 2014

gold color, light and sweet with floral on the front end, honeysuckle nectar that is sweet but not cloying, and chiffon silk finish. So light it seems like it should be flat, but is instead surprisingly flavorful for something so light. — 2 days ago

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Árvay János

Aszú 6 Puttonyos Tokaji 2013

*forgot to take notes 🙈 — 21 days ago

Château Pajzos

Tokaji Furmint 2016

Fragrant, refreshing dry white wine from unbotrytized Furmint grown in Pajzos estate’s volcanic soils, one of the best terroirs in Tokaj. Mineral, nice acidity, citrus notes, hints of rubber on nose — 2 days ago

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Péter Wetzer

Tokaji Furmint

This is Furmint Tokaji @Delectable Wine from Peter Wetzer. — 12 days ago

The Royal Tokaji Wine Company

Mézes Mály SIngle Vineyard Tokaji Furmint 2008

Cathy Corison

6 puttonyos aszú. Nectar. Peach and pear jam. Honey. — a month ago

William martin
with William
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6 Puttonyos Aszú Tokaji Furmint Blend 2007

Made me forget about Sauternes. This was paired with Creme Brûlée and OMG. Magical. — 19 days ago

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5 Puttonyos Tokaji Aszú Sweet Furmint Blend

Looks like bourbon. Smells like pickle juice. Tastes like apple juice but not too sweet. An amazing port — 23 days ago

Grof Degenfeld

Tokaji Harslevelu Furmint 2016

Tastes like good Sancerre, stare colored, flavors of mineral and soft light creamy feeling almost like a beurre blanc sauce. — 2 days ago

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