Oszkár Maurer

Babba Rhein Riesling Blend

Multi-vintage. This is a wine where my wife and I diverged. The more time I spent with the wine opening and warming slightly in the glass, the more I enjoyed the complex aromas, flavors, and lighter body. She thought the initial volatile aromas paired well with our Moroccan spiced stuffed eggplant, but was not a fan with it after dinner. — 11 hours ago

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Vinarija Lastar

Tamjanika 2019

Delicious fragrant wine, fruity and flowery, very light and clear white wine. — 3 years ago

Aleksic Winery

Žuti Cvet Tamjanika 2018

Fine, light, little sweet, nice smeel witn light fruit aroma — 4 years ago



This Blaufrancisch — 6 months ago

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Temet Winery

Three Morava White Blend 2019

Vinarija Temet, belo, Tri Morave. Odlično belo vino, blend sa tamjanikom i od nje dolazi prijatan mineralni ukus, vrlo pitko sa voćnim aromama, lepa zelenkasto žuta boja. — 2 years ago

Vinska Kuca Minica

Stota Suza Tamjanika 2015

Very fragrant and quite sweet, delicate, but not a great finish. — 3 years ago

Ivo Varbanov Winery

Viognier Tamianka 2015

Puissant mais avec une dose de finesse .!une belle découverte — 5 years ago

Oszkár Maurer

Babba Riesling Blend

Funky natural orange wine with hints of ripe apple and a Sauternes botrytis aroma. Good freshness and thickness. Not something you drink on a weekly base. Good match with Korean influenced grouse. — a year ago

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Vinarija Čokot

Experiment Suvo Belo Vino Tamjanika

A bouquet of flowers, a bunch of fun! — 2 years ago


Tamjanika 2017


Radovan Tamjanika. 2017. Župa region, Serbia. — 3 years ago