Shenandoah Valley, Virginia

Davis Valley Winery

Virginia Breeze Red Wine Red Blend

Slight dry and slight sweet. Full body. Good grape flavor. A fav. Should have bought 2. — a month ago

Virginia Marie Lambrix (VML Winery)

Pinot Noir

Smooth, with a creamy, rounded finish. Incredible. — 4 months ago

Ingrid Betts

Ingrid Betts

With Bones!

Lightwell Survey

Goodbye Horses Shenandoah Valley Riesling 2017

I really like this at the Bar Takeover @Walsh. I knew then that this had a food pairing destiny. Indeed, the wife made a left-fielder: ShrimpScampi Lasagna!?! The lemon-mineral oil driven tonic was spot on...powerful enough to cut through massive ricotta bomb. The creamy texture was beautiful and sensual. Thank you Ben — a month ago

Blue Valley

Merlot 2016

Great wine...flavor was crispy, insistent on itself but in a cute way kind of like a cute kid who wants to be the center of attention. Mostly grape flavored. — 2 months ago

Jana Everett
with Jana

Los Portales

Shenandoah Valley Tempranillo 2014


Beautiful easy to drink, on the light temp side it fruity — 5 months ago

Ehrenberg Cellars

Shenandoah Valley Zinfandel

Rich flavor without being overly fruity — a month ago


Shenandoah Valley Zinfandel 2005

Aging beautifully — 3 months ago


Estate Bottled Shenandoah Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

Delicious, tanniny with robust grape and a smooth finish, slight sour taste of blackberry. earthy — 5 months ago