Shenandoah Valley, Virginia


Estate Bottled Shenandoah Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

Delicious, tanniny with robust grape and a smooth finish, slight sour taste of blackberry. earthy — 3 months ago

Virginia Marie Lambrix (VML Winery)

Pinot Noir

Smooth, with a creamy, rounded finish. Incredible. — 2 months ago

Ingrid Betts

Ingrid Betts

With Bones!


Cooper Ranch Barbera 2010

Blackberry and earthy with a nice complexity and slightly tart finish — 4 months ago

Bella Piazza

Bella Rosso Red Blend 2012

Big. Berriful. A terrific vintage. — 4 months ago

Los Portales

Shenandoah Valley Tempranillo 2014


Beautiful easy to drink, on the light temp side it fruity — 2 months ago

Rockbridge Vineyard

DeChiel Reserve Viognier 2016

Terroir!! This is a lovely example that a small place matters inside a larger sandbox. The Valley offers rich mineral soils and sunny, breezy aspects in Rockbridge. The result is classic Viognier without out the neon-lights. Seamless & Sophisticated, the purity is revealed in the harmony of apricot acids and polished minerality mouthfeel and floral aromatics. Quite the complete food wine! — 3 months ago

Lightwell Survey

Hintermen Shenandoah Valley Riesling Petit Manseng 2016

Interesting natty wine from Virginia paired with Meadowcreek Grayson. — 4 months ago