Serra Gaúcha, Rio Grande Do Sul


Fausto Merlot 2017

There is smokey start to this nose, with a bit of vanilla and red forest fruits and maybe raspberries. Quite interesting but rthe smokyness is strong. The palate is well balanced with a creamy touch, a nice red forest fruit note all along, a soft mouthfeel and a good width. Very gentle tannins in mid palate and a rather long fruity finish. This is very well made! First Brazilian wine and a good first impression — 20 days ago

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Alma Brut Moscato Trebbiano Blend

This is a very good (as most of them) Brazilian sparkling wine. Unfortunately it is classified as from France here in the Delectable app. Salton winery is one of the most prestigious one in Brazil, from ‘Serra Gaúcha’ region, now world famous precisely due to its outstanding sparking wines. — 5 months ago

Vinícola De Cezaro

Serra Gaúcha Moscato

Vinho Moscato da Serra Gaúcha - RS, Brasil! — 7 months ago


Via 1986 Nebbiolo 2017

Mesa Bohn fev21 lit,rr, ren, lam — a month ago

Cave de Amadeu

Método Tradicional Brut Rosé Blend

Mary W

Color of rose gold- beautiful! Dry, fine bubbles, pops- 2nd glass with tacos tasted just a hint of sweetness. I like it! — 2 months ago


Salton Evidence Brut

Mais um excelente espumante nacional. — 7 months ago


Cave Merlot 2018

Bebendo agora com meu amor em Canela-RS!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ — 5 months ago

Casa Valduga

Nature Sur Lie 30 Months Vale dos Vinhedos Chardonnay Pinot Noir

Mesa Bohn Out20 Orlando, RR, Alcides, Nicola e SP — 5 months ago