Cramele Recaş

Recas DOC Pinot Grigio

Enjoyed this. Especially for $8/bottle. Very mild. Hubby says it has a chlorine note which was off putting for him. I get chlorine on the palette but hey, that just tastes like summer to me. Doesn’t have the acidity like most Pinot grigios. Closer to a Cali pinot Grigio than an Italian. — a month ago

Ethan HeyboerPeter HeyboerDiane Heyboer
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Liliac & Kracher

Transylvania Ice Wine Neuburger Pinot Gris 2016

Paired w/vanilla & brown sugar marbled cake, served w/house sweet cream — 2 years ago

Cramele Recaş

Selene Feteascā Neagra

Delicious! This is by far the best Romanian wine we’ve tried so far. Let it open up and see how the flavors and aromas change. Great wine! — 3 years ago

Alex Bardașu
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Cramele Recaş

Alb Demisec Fetească Regală

Enjoyed this one. Not entirely sure which vintage but think it was a great value for the price. $6.99 at Total Wine. Paired with Romanian chicken kebabs (Frigarui), bulz and a Romanian cauliflower dish. Lightly sweet but also had some nice acidity that cut through that. New grape for us- sometimes reminded me of a sauv blanc but without the minerality and tartness that sometimes comes in them. Semi-dry had me nervous but it was great. Definitely going to get more for sitting on the deck this summer! — 2 months ago

Matthew HeyboerEthan HeyboerJody Wycech
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Cramele Recas Sa.

i am Pinot Grigio

On the sweet side, but a nice white! — 2 years ago


Vine in Flames Chardonnay

うきうき激安セットのひとつ、ルーマニア産のシャルドネ。同国の白は初めてかと思う。樽が効いていて、リッチな味わい。ドライでもあり飲み飽きしないかと思います。リピートしたいね。 — 4 years ago

Aurelia Visinescu

Anima Dealu Mare Merlot 2017

Slight oak and black fruits. Tabasco. Concentrated. A bit spicy but with sweetness. Smooth from initial. Gentle tannin. Anima Merlot 17 @3740, Yanag, 240323-240403 — 3 months ago


Estate Selection Pinot Noir

Paparuda Roumanian PN, silky smooth, cherries, berries, good structure Dunbrody House Hotel €48 — 6 months ago

I Heart Wines

I Heart Pinot Grigio 2020

This is an Italian DOC Pinot Grigio, but the app insists its Romanian??? — 2 years ago

Balla Géza

Vin Alb Sec Mustoasã de Mãderat 2015

Candy fruit deliciouso! At least sometimes. Heavily influenced by what you’re eating. Can go towards urine aftertaste. — 4 years ago