La Pulere

Recas Merlot 2015

A Romanian Merlot. It threads a nice balance between it’s heavy body and some brighter flavours. Quite lovely. — 5 hours ago


Grand Pa Baras Blend 2017

Grandpa 2017 Belle minéralité, acidité significative, agrumes discrets, aucune erreur — 16 days ago

Domeniile Tohani

Mosia de la Tohani Cuvée Nicolae Cabernet Sauvignon

This is like Jessup’s Manny’s Blend...only from Romania!! I tried this at a social event there and just about fell over. Cab, Pinot, and a local Romanian grape: Feteasca Neagra. Simplay putstamding. Smooth and full-bodied. Flies solo and works when paired w/ a steak as well....or a chocolate desert. — a month ago


Lacrima lui Ovidiu 5

Had the fortified 5 year old Moscatell. Not sure if this is right. Anyway - decadent. Maple, raisins, nuts. 15% abv. Almost like a tawny port. — 3 days ago


Cuvee Guy De Poix Fetească Neagră

Do, 27.06.2019: RO - Ordea — 19 days ago

Aurelia Visinescu

Promessa Dealu Mare Fetească Neagră Syrah 2014

Mocha, roasted spices ie fennel, pepper, but also hints of white chocolate. Full-bodied with dry tannins. Thick and greasy palate. Long, elegant. Great work. — 10 days ago

Crama Nachbil

Fetească Neagră 2017

Rouge profond, légère turbidité, cerises, fruits rouges, tanins qui persistent un peu trop à mon goût. Funkiness 0.5/5... — 16 days ago

Crama Nachbil

Riesling de Rhin 2018

Riesling de Rhin 2018. Delicate, slight florality, no defaults. — 18 days ago


Estate Selecion Fetească Regală

Light, crisp and delicious! — 8 days ago

Paris Street

Pinot Noir 2017

Nice dry rose from Romania. — 2 months ago