Giovanni Dri

Ramandolo Refosco 2013

Interesting dessert wine made from Verduzzo Friulano grape, aromas of sweet honey, ripe stone fruits and candy orange jellies. These late harvested grapes were left to raisin on the vine, had flavors of sweet apricot, fig, honey and preserves, with nice acidity balance. Long finish ending with sweet fruits almost with a light creamy texture. Lighter in body than most dessert wines. — 20 days ago

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Marco Sara

Nostrano Refosco

From the wine share. So called "table wine" but fantastic. One of my favorites. Perfect balance from the moment it's opened, delicious. On day 2 started smelling and tasting like a cab franc — 2 months ago

Praznik Refoška

Kocjančič Rado Refoška

2007 vintage, from Trieste on the border with Slovenia, had at Osteria Anice Stellato on our last night in Venice July 31 2019. — 3 months ago

Livio Felluga

Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso

First refosco for me. Berry, leathery, dry, drinkable. — 9 days ago


Matthiasson Vineyard Refosco 2016

Cherry cola, light body, strawberry compote and some pepper. Delicious. — 18 days ago

Ellen Christen
with Ellen


Refosco Dal Peduncolo Rosso

Neat! Fruity but bitter and tannins. Sour notes. Good with summer foods. — 2 months ago

Karen Whaley
with Karen


Romagna Cagnina Dolce Refosco

Totally lovely, stones and berries and acid and a wee bit of sugar. — 15 days ago

Eugenio Collavini

Forrésco Colli Orientali del Friuli Refosco

Old world wine from the border of Italy and Slovenia. Excellent! — 2 months ago


Refosk 2015

Had two zaro refosk. Lower end too juicy for me. But this one is very nice indeed. Somewhat chalky, chocolate tastes, but not a lot of tannin. Full smooth, and very tasty. — 2 months ago

Simčič Karol & Igor & Marijan


Light and fruity. Almost no tannin. — 3 months ago