Rebula Goriška Brda Ribolla Gialla

Bright, crystal clear orange wine. Good tannins. — 6 days ago

Alex Baker
with Alex


Cuvée Belo Rebula Blend

Hannah Will

Can’t wait to visit this country!! — 3 months ago


Primorska Rebula

Jon S.

Clean, reductive orange wine. Fantastic. — 4 months ago


Ceglo Ribolla Rebula 2015

Fuller body, light orange in color. Very lovely, creamy mouthfeel. — 6 months ago

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Ceglo Rebula Ribolla

Absolutely delicious! More orange in color due to longer skin contact and therefore more medium/full body but very fresh. — a month ago


Zaria Vipava Valley White Blend

A TON going on. Totally different from my memory of a previous year. Sultanas, dried apricot, rum raisin on the nose that leaves you with a beautiful butterscotch shellac long after you’ve sipped. — 3 months ago

Klinec Medana

Ortodox Rebula 1914

wonderfully offbeat alternative to dry sherry for apero — 5 months ago

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Primorska Rebula

28. Ape. ミャンカー — 2 months ago

Edi Simčič

Suho Rebula 2013

D4. Black pepper finish on a white wine. Pours a very light amber. Soft entry. Herbs and nuts and peach on the front. Gets a little raucous to the finish with black pepper notes. Very unique wine. First Slovenian wine for me. Off the beaten path for sure. — 2 months ago

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Joshua Fisher

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Wow. New grape for me
Mark Flesher

Mark Flesher

@Joshua Fisher for me as well. The oddball on the list but probably the best. Almost had a slight orange hue in the sunlight but was told that was definitely a quality of the grape.

Marjan Simčič

Opoka Rebula 2015

Magnum vineria movia Lubiana — 6 months ago