Barone Pizzini

Animante Franciacorta White Blend

Runner-up for Wine Of The Night but definitely the pleasant surprise of the night. Little funky nose and not particularly effervescent for a sparkler. Acidity is muted and feels like a “real wine” as opposed to those chemically enhanced science experiments that pass for luxury wine life in some quarters. Definitely would serve this to my most discerning guests like @Sam Shepard @Brendan Devine and if I could be so blessed, the GOATs of the wine world like @Ron R @Mike R @Willie Carter, a little something off the beaten path. — 12 days ago

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Sam Shepard

Sam Shepard

I’d be honored @Kevin Løk
Ron R

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Nice words, @Kevin Løk. I’ll certainly seek this out. The truth be known, the likes of @Mike R, @David L, @Joe Lucca and @Bill Bender throw me some big bones. Without those, I’d be wallowing in the bargain-basement 🙂
Mike R

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@Kevin Løk @Ron R not true Ronnie - love you stud


Sangiovese Shiraz 2018

Jodi M

Smooth, red fruits, fresh finish. — a year ago

Barone Pizzini

Golf 1927 Franciacorta Chardonnay Pinot Nero Blend

Killer suds for the money! Wait? I didn't even pay for it! Lol! — 2 years ago

Pievalta (Barone Pizzini)

San Paolo Classico Riserva Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi 2015

Nearly hard to believe this isn't a Chablis but a verdicchio. Definitely a good surprise, but is it territorial or marketorial??🤔🤔 — a month ago

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Pievalta (Barone Pizzini)

Classico Superiore Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi 2018

Lovely with scallops. Great acidity, with lemon- almond hints and some saltiness. Biodynamic wine. — 8 months ago

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Le Piane

Boca Nebbiolo Blend 2009

First time trying Le Piane.. well not strictly true, we had a glass of their Erbaluce at the beginning of the evening. Both wines were fantastic. Was introduced by a beautiful restaurant in the mountains (Villa Pizzini). Delicious. Shall be sourcing once back in the UK. — a year ago


King Valley Pinot Grigio

Very smooth and palatable. Not too sweet — 2 months ago


La Volpe King Valley Nebbiolo 2019

Very light, nice entry level nebbiolo — 4 months ago

Barone Pizzini

Edizione Franciacorta Rosé Pinot Noir 2016

Star bright salmon pink. Persistent fine bubbles. Nose and juicy light bodied palate of dusty strawberry, cherry drops, and cranberries. Firm, bright acidity. Drink this Pinot Noir (80%) bubbly with a meal, with soft to medium cheeses, or at your next celebration. When you buy it, of course. — 8 months ago

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Coronamento Nebbiolo 2005

Still drinking well and there’s good tannins.
Taking a while to open up fully but showing good signs.
— 2 years ago