Oriol Rossell

Oriol Artigas

Al Fons de la Bèstia Red Blend 2019

At Melody wine bar with dinner. This is energetic and lively. Has more savory characteristics and at the time I was seArching for more fruit...don’t want to let that shade my opinion but it’s good to know, especially because this was served chilled...I feel it would have been better more room temp — 7 months ago

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Oriol Artigas

El Monstre Pansa Negra Blend 2016

Rubis fonce
Bien fait mais simple sur des notes de cerises et végétal queue de cerise
— 10 months ago

Oriol Artigas

Sammay Blanc 2020

Not a natty wine lover, but this was good. Orange Hi-C meets Smarties. — 2 months ago

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Oriol Artigas

La Rumbera Pansa Blanca-Garnatxa Blanca Blend 2019

Skin contact Pansa Blanca. Saline, flowers and white fruit. Long finish and refreshing. ABV 11.5. — 8 months ago

Judy Wagonfeld
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Oriol Artigas

'Besavia dels Bardissots' Red Blend

One of the best - fresh, tiny funk, a little currant? — 10 months ago

Oriol Artigas

La Bella Pansa Blanca

This is so refreshing and tasty. Became creamy after awhile. This tastes like creamy apples. — a year ago

Oriol Artigas

'El Rall' Alella Red Blend

I don’t claim to be an expert on Spanish wine (or wine in general) but Oriol Artigas makes my favorite wine coming out of Spain. Complex natural and funky. The el Rall is complex with notes of plums and brown sugar but opens up to be medium body with a crazy good finish. — 3 months ago

Ginny Lewinski
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Oriol Artigas

Laprats Pansa Blanca Blend

Smells a bit funky at the beginning, this tastes of wet hay, a bit spritzy. Reminds me of wine in Georgia. — a year ago