Olasz Rizling

Hiša Joannes

Protner Renski Rizling Riesling

Amazing wine served in Hisa Franko. — 7 days ago

Strekov 1075

Rizling 2017

Skin contact with zippy, tannic, petrol and honey notes — 5 months ago


Renski Rizling

Slovenian Riesling; intense, roof of the mouth, curl your ears, acidity; a playful nose with memorable white flowers and a slight pastry element. Flavors are eclipsed by a bracing, mineral, grapefruit pith, citrus peel, bitterness. I wonder if this could stand some age?
— 10 months ago

Péter Wetzer

Saghegyi Olaszrizling Blend

Not as “crunchy” as it was described. Good but more of a waxy/ resin finish. Good but not great. — a month ago

Sziegl Pince

Hársfás-út Olaszrizling 2018

Current staple. So. Damn. Good. — 6 months ago

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Marga Furmint Olasz Rizling 2017

Rich and buttery but without the awful oaky tinge in Chardonnay. Love this Hungarian grape. — 8 months ago


Badacsony Olasz Rizling

Smokey, spicy, malo, nice acidity, oily, good wine, bitter greens — 4 months ago