Niagara Peninsula, Ontario

Pearl Morisette Estate Winery

Cuvée Sputnik Riesling 2016

Delicious and complex Niagara Riesling, light gold colour with a nose that hints at tropical flower and fresh lime. Very zingy acidity with a semi-dry palate resembling cider with a long saline finish. Paired with a spicy coconut shrimp curry. — 6 days ago

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@Shawn Thompson I liked your descriptive review. 😀 Sounds like a wine worth investigating. Cheers! 🥂


We don't get much from Niagara in BC. Thanks for the review

The Farm

Niagara Peninsula Pinot Noir 2016

Your X-man power is berries; you look GREAT in tights. — 5 hours ago

Lailey Winery

Menitage Red Blend 2014

Great intense aroma with a light finish- one of my favorite wines! I didn’t let it age a full 5 years as was suggested... but I couldn’t wait to open it! — 22 days ago


Icewine Niagara Peninsula VQA Vidal 2017

Inniskillin VQA Niagara Peninsula Vidal Icewine 2017. Just got a small one to have a few sips and try. Golden in colour, apple and peaches on the nose. Mango, honey, apricot taste. An absolute Canadian gem. — 5 days ago

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Miles Wine Cellars

Long Weekend Niagara Peninsula Cabernet

Perfect for family day long weekend. easy and smooth light wine! — 6 days ago

Norman Hardie

Unfiltered Niagara Peninsula Pinot Noir

Excellent Ontario Pinot that is lighter. — 11 days ago


Courtney Beamsville Bench Gamay 2016

Ryan M

Really nice - dry, opened after half hour - light-medium wine, raspberry, red currant and plum, minimal oak (good thing), though too much acid keeps this from being far better. Time in bottle will help and would be better with charcuterie to temper the acid. — 13 days ago

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Ryan M

Ryan M

@Paul Wright this is the one i bought with you in mind. Still have another bottle. Keen to see what you think.
Paul Wright

Paul Wright

@Ryan M Excellent. Can’t wait to drink it with you

Reif Estate Winery

Black Oak Niagara Peninsula Gamay Cabernet 2017

The reunion with Jay and Carla in Niagara Falls! Blessed to see Jay again after his move back to India, then to Toronto. — 7 days ago

Leaning Post

Niagara Peninsula Merlot 2016

John Wick and Neo are playing Gin Runny in the front seat of a cherry 1953 Buick Skylark convertible while parked in the living room of John Wick’s house. — 11 days ago

Riverview Cellars

Niagara River Bianco Riesling Gewürztraminer 2011

It was nice and lite.. little on the sweet side. — 16 hours ago