Modena , Emilia Romagna

Vigneto Saetti

Rosso Viola Lambrusco 2013

Very smooth and well balanced. Great day drinking wine. Would pair well with lots of food. — 5 days ago

Poderi Dal Nespoli

di Prugneto Superiore Sangiovese di Romagna 2016

17$ soyeux et fruité, belle couleur rubis foncé, long en bouche, petit gout de poivron en fin de bouche — 15 days ago

Tre Monti

Thea Riserva Superiore Sangiovese di Romagna 2015

Wine T

Nicolas ordered this in Enoteca Della langhe. — 8 days ago

Umberto Cesari

Vino Frizzante Pignoletto

Drinking with wife after the trip to Italy. Not to bitter, not sweet in the positive meaning. — 6 days ago


Radice Lambrusco di Sorbara DOC Lambrusco 2018

Smells like strawberries and cream. Fruity, soft, yeast, crisp. From Elie. — 10 days ago

Medici Ermete

I Quercioli Reggiano Secco Lambrusco

Lambrusco-region and grape.

Red and white grapes of Lambrusco, still or sparkling, bone dry or sweet.

High acid, touch of sweetness, baby bubbles.

let’s make a beer with Lambrusco grapes.

— a day ago

Giovanna Madonia

Fermavento Sangiovese di Romagna 2016

A great expression of Emilia–Romagna Sangiovese. On par with a Chianti Classico Riserva but at fraction of price. — 3 days ago

Il Farneto

Giandon Marzemino

Still lambrusco blend! Basil nose. Funky but also smooth and dark red fruit and flowers — 23 days ago

La Stoppa

Trebbiolo Rosso Barbera Bonarda 2017

I let it blow off In the decanter for an hour or so, to get rid of the phosphorus aromas. Great big perfectly ripe blackberries. Some overripe blueberries. Mulberry. Cocoa brownness, orange peel. It gets rich: Tomato, Oil-cured olives, balsamic notes. Nice little bit of funk on the end, not in any way out of balance. One of the most enjoyable, most balanced wines I’ve spent $24 on. — 23 days ago

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La Stoppa

Barbera della Stoppa 2011

Real good. Super dense, a little funky, a little cherry, a little earthy. Had it with a nice sausage pizza. I like. — 5 days ago