Melovino Meadery


Jersery Devil Meadery Yellow jacket

Sweet and slightly heavy, with a good vanilla taste — a month ago

Sap House Meadery

Rosehip Hibiscus Honey Cider Roseish

Good by itself or with something mixed in — 3 months ago

Prairie Bee Meadery

Blueberry Bliss

Rich flavour of wild blueberries and smooth honey make an exceptional mead.

Off-dry, and complex this is meant to be savoured and shared.

•12.5% ABV• July 12, 2020 🍯
— 9 months ago

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Dawn E.

Dawn E.

@Trixie sounds yummy!


@Douglas Braun The first mead I had was cherry and it was outstanding. 🍒

@Sharon B It is yes, a local winery. 🦋

@Dawn E. Nice hearing from you! How long until the wedding?💐
DC Radisson

DC Radisson

I’ve had some of that before. I enjoyed it!

Crafted Artisan Meadery

Pollen Nation Hopped blackberry

Rob B

Haven’t had much mead in my life. This is only the second one I’ve had, but I definitely enjoyed it more than first one I had 👌🏼 — 2 months ago

Monks Meadery


Rob B

Enjoyable, but not a fan of the hops or hibiscus — 7 months ago

St. Ambrose Meadery

Oak Barrel Reserve Mead 2014

Not usually partial to whites, but this is a great one. It's a honey wine that's not too sweet. Delish! — 2 years ago

Earle Estates Meadery

Traditional Honey Mead 2019

Liquid honey with ripe peach on the back-end. So smooth and pleasant. — 3 months ago