Masseria Li Veli

Masseria Li Veli

Orion Salento Primitivo 2017

Perfect for pizza! BlackBerry, plum, fig, raisin, tobacco, leather, and a subtle citrus zest. Very good value for $14. — 13 days ago

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Famiglia Falvo

Li Veli Primerose Salento Negroamaro Rosé

I didn’t realize I was ordering a rosé. I got it because I’ve had a negroamaro before and loved it. But it’s great. Still a little bit of the farmhouse funk. Not too light. Nice punch of flavor. — 6 months ago

Masseria Li Veli

Valle d'Itria IGT Verdeca 2017

Deeelightful. Tart apple, quite dry, a touch of grass and spice. Definitely get this again — a year ago

Masseria Li Veli

Askos Susumaniello 2017

An exploding fruitbomb out of Puglia. Nice! — 19 days ago

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Masseria Li Veli

Askos Verdeca 2017

Astringent body with strong stone fruit notes balancing it out. Should go great with beat & goat cheese salad. — 3 months ago

Masseria Li Veli

Pezzo Morgana Riserva Salice Salentino Negroamaro 2015

Strong on the front but easy to drink, dark, earthy. — 7 months ago

Kat Versfelt
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Masseria Li Veli

Salento Malvasia Nera 2015

Awesome! Dark red fruit medium bodied wine still has good acid balance — 2 years ago

Masseria Li Veli

Passamante Salice Salentino Negroamaro 2017

Really nice, easy drinking, fruit forward without being too heavy. — a month ago

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Masseria Li Veli

Salento Susumaniello 2016

Dark, smoky, rich. Sour cherry torte with well-integrated tannins and alcohol. A bit in the sweet side. — 5 months ago

Alsu Shakirova
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Masseria Li Veli

Salento Fiano 2017

Gorgeous, bright lemon fruit. Low acid. Very dry. This is a serious bargain. — a year ago

Daniel Steilen

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Fianos are great