Masseria Li Veli

Masseria Li Veli

Salento Susumaniello 2022

Had this rose and it is perfection. Bright stone fruit and refreshing minerality. Loved it! — a month ago

Masseria Li Veli

Passamante Salice Salentino Negroamaro 2020

Puglia, the heal of the boot of Italy is not one of your more exhalted wine regions. But based on this wine it should be. Made from mostly Negromaro grapes, Massaria Li Veli has tons of deep stewed plums, cloves, nutmeg, and spice. Fantastic when young and could age for a while I am sure. — 7 months ago

Famiglia Falvo

Masseria Li Veli Negroamaro Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Deep and dark, this Negroamaro and Cab blend is fantastic. A decent alcohol aroma at first but with some time and air, this wine is so beautiful. Not too strong of a fruit taste but as it rests on your tongue the blackberry and plum notes come out. Could not recommend this enough. A very dark red, and a beautiful blend! — 4 years ago

Masseria Li Veli

Askos Susumaniello 2022

This is a dazzling rosé on many levels - lovely pink-orange color with a heady aroma of peach, cherry, apple and lemon. Vibrant acidity, wonderful texture in the mouth and stony minerality to let it stand up to seafood, Middle Eastern cooking or a grilled trout. A food lovers dream in a glass. — 2 months ago

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Famiglia Falvo

Orion Passamante Li Veli Salento Primitivo 2020

Great balanced wine really enjoyed this — a year ago

Masseria Li Veli

Salento Malvasia Nera 2017

Explosion of flavor, dark, spicy - get balanced. — 3 years ago

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Famiglia Falvo

Li Veli Primerose Salento Negroamaro Rosé

I didn’t realize I was ordering a rosé. I got it because I’ve had a negroamaro before and loved it. But it’s great. Still a little bit of the farmhouse funk. Not too light. Nice punch of flavor. — 5 years ago

Masseria Li Veli

Salento IGT Verdeca 2022

Fruity, fresh and intriguing. Apulian wines are often good value for money. This is one such! — 5 months ago

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Masseria Li Veli

Orion Salento Primitivo 2021

Vintage 2021 | interesting wine, flint and toffee, raspberry, velvet taste — 8 months ago

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I see the theme of the day is “Old World Zinfandel (adjacent).” No Tribidrag? 😀

Masseria Li Veli

MLV Red Blend 2010

Spectacular Puglia wine from the Falvo family (previous Avignonesi owners). Still going strong on age 9! — 4 years ago

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