Marco Maci

Secondo Marco

Ripasso della Valpolicella 2018

great steak wine which will also balance whatever rich sauce your quenelle holds — 11 days ago

Antonelli San Marco

Montefalco Sagrantino 2010

Delicious! Drinking so well. — a month ago

Antonelli San Marco

Montefalco Rosso Sangiovese Blend 2020

Sagrantino and sangiovese very dark and plummy. — 3 months ago

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Marco De Bartoli

Sicilia Grillo 2021

100% грілло
Аромат: рисова каша, трав'янисте
Смак: хороша кислотність, нуль таніну, хороший післясмак
Загалом: класичний базовий де бартолі
Оцінка: 89
— 8 months ago

Marco De Bartoli

Grappoli del Grillo 2022

Jeremy Shanker

Delicious white made from Marsala vineyards. Green grape, fig, fresh oregano. — 13 days ago

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Marco Felluga

Varneri Collio Merlot 2013

Floral notes, full-bodied, darker fruit than typical of a merlot, some spice and tannins. — a month ago

Marco Sara

Frank Cabernet Franc 2021

A walk on the wild side… — 3 months ago

Sarah Bignami
with Sarah
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Marco De Bartoli

Pietranera Sicilia Zibibbo 2023

Pale, lovely delicate sour acids, softening into fantastic balance after a while, helpfully cutting through the salty anchovies I drank it with. — 20 days ago

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Marco De Bartoli

Lucido Catarratto 2022

Really liked this one. Full bodied, lemon minerals. Had it at Misi — 2 months ago

San Marco

Pillastro Puglia Primitivo 2021

Smooth fruity delicious — 7 months ago