Cascina Maddalena

Capotesta Lugana Turbiana 2022

This is another Lugana wine, 100% Turbiana. It differs from the “Clay” in that it’s 100% stainless steel, whereas the Clay has 10% of the grapes aged in (old) oak barrels. This is a common practice in the Lugana region; one wine release is “fresh”, aged in all stainless steel, made for immediate drinking, whereas the reserve release has up to 10% of the grapes in restrained oak, and is intended to be aged a bit, like a Riesling.

This “fresh” wine has stronger flavors than the Clay. It really reminds one of a top-tier New Zealand SB. The citric flavors are there, but not overpowering; however, the finish has that bright acidic buzz. The body has the grassy tones that I am coming to associate with this region/style. There’s a touch of sweetness, easy to miss, which comes to the fore when paired with spicier foods.

I wish these wines were easier to procure in the US! They’re made primarily for the German market, hence the similarities to Riesling.
— 2 months ago

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Maddalena Vineyards

Paso Robles Rosé 2018

Raspberry and light peach very delicious and not very sweet. — 2 years ago


Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

Chocolate raspberry but not quite jammy. Amazing with 90% Lindt chocolate. — 3 years ago

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Cascina Maddalena

Clay Lugana DOC Trebbiano 2020

This is a very good example of Lugana white, 100% Turbiana (closely related to Trebbiano, but not the same, despite the identified wine). It’s light bodied with bright acidity, some citric tartness, and a bit of graphite earthiness to the finish. This winery has switched from corks to screw cap closures in recent years; I have mixed feelings about this, since these closures will not allow the wine to age anytime soon, which motivates me to drink the bottles sooner. — 2 months ago

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Vigneti Zanatta

Salana Cannonau di Sardegna

Best wine ever! 🍷🥰 tasted it for the first time in St. Teresa di Gallura, bought several bottles in La Maddalena 😬💕 — 3 years ago

(5305bad3352b69163a00e67a -> 5305ba5b8953f6d739007839) Kellerei Bozen Cantina di Bolzano

Huck Am Bach St. Magdalener Alto Adige Schiava Lagrein 2018

Light smoke. Red and black fruit. High acidity and brightness. Delightful. A story buyers notes: Santa Maddalena Classico is its own DOC in the heart of Bolzano. By law the wine must be 90% Schiava (aka Trollinger) and 10% Lagrein. This combination works to add a touch of richness and body to the normally bright and aromatic schiava. The vineyard is a large slope scaling from 250 meters to 500 meters, with the Lagrein grown on the lower portion of the hill. These are old vines averaging between 40-50 years old. (41792) — 3 years ago

with Molly

Cascina Maddalena

Rosanora Rosato 2011

This dry rosé is made from mostly Turbiana with a small amount of red wine grapes. It’s a versatile and refreshing food wine with subtle flavors that do not overpower the food flavors. There’s restrained strawberry fruits there, along with slight citrus tones amid a grassy tone to the body. — 2 months ago

Roberto Sarotto

Bric Sassi Della Maddalena Gavi

さっぱり、飲みやすい、柑橘のニュアンス — 3 months ago


Estate Reserve Paso Robles Merlot 2020

This Merlot is very dark, almost inky. Its nose brings forth black cherry, anise and plum aromas, along with some sweet oak spice. The palate is succulent and flavorful, with dark fruit and enough spice notes to bake a pie. Tannins are rather gentle, so the sip is smooth. I would like this wine paired with a pork shoulder or a creamy cheese. — 2 years ago

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