Louis Antoine Luyt

Louis-Antoine Luyt

Pipeño Laja País

💯th wine. Ayyy.

Slight cigar smoke, blueberry compote, straight up raspberry jam, rosy rosy bouquet.

This one just puts a smile on my face. It’s unpretentious, approachable, and just tastes damn good. Simple, drinkable, jam juice.

Cherries under the tongue, berries on top, slight leather in the mid.

1 liter of jammy farm wine please.
— 6 days ago

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Antoine Luyt

Huasa de Pilen Alto País

I Nell

Good mineralization leather acid, scant fruit, pair with fat; Day 2 — 4 months ago

Louis-Antoine Luyt

Coronel de Maule Red Blend 2015

Nice, light value red. Great with pizza and friends — 10 days ago

Louis-Antoine Luyt

Pipeño White Blend

Limes, floral, lemon zest -- perfect acidity. Nice with a slightly spicy (Aleppo) dish. Love this. — a month ago

Louis-Antoine Luyt

Cuvée Benoit/Nature Guarilihue Gorda Blanca

Had it during wine making. First sip is weird but gets better. Has an apple flavor — 4 months ago

Louis-Antoine Luyt

Cruchon Coteaux de Trumao Pinot Noir

Super funky natural wine that allows some fruit to shine through. I’m into it. — 9 months ago

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Louis-Antoine Luyt

Pipeño Pichihuedque País

Love this natty wine. Super fruity but a good funk and just the right amount of must to hold it all together — a month ago

Jasmine Chan
with Jasmine

Louis-Antoine Luyt

Pipeño Coelemu País

Love this wine ❤️ — 3 months ago

Louis-Antoine Luyt

Pipeno Vino Puro de Uva Portozuelo

Cloudy onion skin color. Basque cider, sage, thyme, Castelvetrano olive, gardenia, onion jam, dried orange peel. Subtle, easygoing tannins, medium-plus acidity. A good low-key natty orange wine for everyday drinking. (2019 vintage) — 5 months ago

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