Louis Antoine Luyt

Louis-Antoine Luyt

Cruchon Coteaux de Trumao Pinot Noir

Super funky natural wine that allows some fruit to shine through. I’m into it. — 3 months ago

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Louis-Antoine Luyt

Pipeño Coronel de Maule País

@El Prado in Echo Park.
Mineralitic, acidic, dry, slight hints of sour beer
— 7 months ago

Louis-Antoine Luyt

Pipeño Pichihuedque País

“Funkiest wine in the wine shop.” Super funky, super drinkable too. — 3 months ago

Louis-Antoine Luyt

Cuvée Benoit/Nature Guarilihue Gorda Blanca 2017

Funky, smoky, umami, awesome. Food wine. — 6 months ago