Jura Distillery

Philippe Bornard

Tant-Mieux Pétillant Naturel Ploussard Rosé

A joyous, frothy pet Nat from Jura- uncomplicated but clean & pretty. — 9 days ago

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Domaines des Marnes Blanches

Les Molates Côtes du Jura Chardonnay 2016

Great Jura chard. Like a mix of Chablis, leesy muscadet and fino sherry — 18 days ago

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Domaines des Marnes Blanches

En Quatre Vis Côtes du Jura Savagnin 2016

Waxy, citrus skin, southern Spain, nervy backbone, honeysuckle... every sip (let’s keep it real, gulp) was different. I had with cashews and manchego and watched baseball. — 12 days ago

Domaine Pêcheur

Côtes du Jura Vin Jaune Chardonnay

Savory but feminine.
R- pale straw
N- almonds, clean sea spray, gently roasted parsnip/carrot, chamomile/white flowers, nothing overwhelming, it’s very alluring and quiet.
B- awesome salinity, marcona almonds, white tea, yellow apples, mouthwatering acidity, yoghurt (malo with higher natural acidity/tang?), curry and warm spice on the back-palate. Clean, salty, mouthwatering finish.

Non-ouillé (tanks are not topped up, so the wine has some oxidative aromatics, but elevage goes on without flor yeast, so not traditional vin jaune). For the price, this wine overdelivers.
— 10 days ago

Domaine Macle

Côtes du Jura Chardonnay 2010


A little bit of almond on the backside. Rustic and mighty tasty. — 17 days ago

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Jean François Ganevat

"Y'a bon the canon" Jeffrey Alpert Selection Pinot Noir

Very structured Jura—is different than the many I’ve had before. Hashtag fuck sulfites. — 9 days ago

Douglas Profenius
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Jean François Ganevat

La Pelerine Côtes du Jura Chardonnay 2015

Lemon oil, bruised pear, flint, med acid 👌 — 4 days ago

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Domaine Julien Labet

La Bardette Fleur de Marne Chardonnay 1999

COMPLEX. DELICIOUS. minerals and oxidation and yellow flowers and a solid, well weighted body. Like a Renaissance painting — 4 days ago

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Domaine Labet

Les Champs Rouges Les Parcelles Rares Jura Sud Revermont Chardonnay 2013

Den här sjöng ikväll; perfekt drickfönster med sedvanlig hög syra, konfiterad citron och mineralitet. Lika gott efter två dagar i kylen. — 9 days ago

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Les Granges Paquenesses

La Pierre Savagnin Ouille 2015

I really like this one. It needed time to open but then had a bit of natural wine body and funkiness. Clean finishing with a tart flare. It delivers on the need to be different. — 15 days ago

Vicki Sliwa
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