Hecht & Bannier (gregory & Francois)

Hecht & Bannier (Gregory & Francois)

Languedoc Rosé Blend 2017

Louie’s Wine Dive in Indy with Guarnieris — a month ago

Hecht & Bannier (Gregory & Francois)

Languedoc Vin Rouge Syrah Blend 2015


Musty and dry. Mild. The sweet fruit notes are very subtle. The smell on opening is a bit barny, but it dissipates in the glass. It’s an easy drinker that would pair with just about any sturdy fish or any meat. Great price. Lovely wine. — 7 months ago

Hecht & Bannier (Gregory & Francois)

Réserve Privée Vieilles Vignes Côtes de Provence Rosé Blend 2014

A dry rose with a little more character then it's peer group. A rose that carries a little less shame. Perhaps a wine snobs rose? Rating based on a sub $22 price... — 4 years ago

Hecht & Bannier (Gregory & Francois)

Minervois Syrah Blend 2014

Red berries, black pepper, bramble, sage , spice, ripe fruit, balanced tannins, and acidity. — 5 months ago

Hecht & Bannier (Gregory & Francois)

Côtes de Provence Vermentino

Delightfully light, really balanced, good fruit and natural fuzz, subtle chalky body that's awesome in texture — 2 years ago

Hecht & Bannier (Gregory & Francois)

Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence Rosé Blend 2015

Love this! The sea, the soil and the fruit. Imagine laying on the beach in the south of france, sun on your face. Begs for mussels, garlic in broth. — 2 years ago

Hecht & Bannier (Gregory & Francois)

Côtes du Roussillon Villages Grenache Blend 2013

7 year date a versary, chosen together. Cherry, tobacco, balance of light with spice. — 5 months ago

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