Drakes Brewing Company

It Lurks, It Waits Wild Fermented Imperial Stout with Zinfandel Grapes

Drake’s Brewing Company. “It lurks, it waits.” Wild fermented stout aged in Zinfandel barrels. Really tastes of place. Excellent funk with some chocolate, but great acidity. This is like the high end 70% cocoa bar versus the Hershey’s of Guinness. Also nice spice from zin barrels. Will definitely buy again. — a month ago

Einstök Ölgerd

Icelandic Toasted Porter

Excellent dark, flavorful beer. Similar to Guinness — 7 months ago

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Black Lager 2018

Sometimes you just want a Guinness — 10 months ago

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@Jody Scharf You won't get an argument from me. Cheers!🍻

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@Jody Scharf Yes there are times Cheers 🍻
Riddley Walker

Riddley Walker

Spectacular vintage


Original Extra Stout

Draft in Dublin outside on a beautiful day. — 2 months ago

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Original Stout

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! — 7 months ago


Sables & Argiles Rouges Vacqueyras Red Blend 2015

That’s a fine splash, with Guinness Stew on a rainy night. — 8 months ago

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Gervasi Vineyard

Piove Riesling 2016

Paired well with sous vide short ribs glazed with sauce made out of Guinness and hoisin sauce — a year ago

Guinness McFadden

Blue Quail Pinot Gris 2016

Pear, apple, floral, delicious! #HOPV — 4 months ago

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Special Export

Wine is great but there is nothing like a good Guinness pour🍺 — 7 months ago

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@leon egozi Cheers 🍻

Wellington Vineyards

Sonoma Valley Syrah 2002

Nothing short of sublime. Sadly, this is the last magnum we have. Sensational with the Guinness lamb stew. — 10 months ago

Bonnie Hodur
with Bonnie