Su. Na. Wi.

Lampo Gropello 2020

Su. Na. Wi. = Super Natural Wines

The unmistakable philosophy aside, this comes from a little winery in Northern Italy that's owned by a friend in KL along with his Italian mates. So when the said friend describes this as an interesting red with heaps of balsamic notes, you can be sure he’s spot on. The Lampo was an oddly pleasant savoury red - made of 100% Gropello, it had tons of seaweed flavour with balsamic and soy sauce accents. Crunchy acidity made this flow down the wine hole way too easily. Could use more fruit, but it may just have needed more air to express itself.
— 2 months ago

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Garda Classico Gropello

High acidity. Dry. A bit flabby in the middle. Tart cherry. — 4 years ago

Cà dei Frati

Rosa dei Frati Riviera del Garda Bresciano Rosé Blend 2019

John Howard

So good. Reminiscent of a nice Bandol. — 5 months ago

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Il Ceo

Rosato Pet Nat Merlot Rosé Blend

Nice rosé pet nat. Got a bit of a strong alcohol hit to it. — 2 years ago

Ca' Maiol

Provenza Fabio Contato Garda Classico Rosso Gropello 2010

Nice surprise - perfect in balance now and absolutely great wine. Thanks to Bas Lenoir from Vino&Friends Maastricht to make me discover this beauty from Lake Garda. — 3 years ago

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@Marc vanholst Marc Cheers 🍷

Redaelli De Zinis

Garda Classico Groppello di Mocasina

the years have done it! Very intriguing taste. You feel the deep Ness of the flavor. Should have bought a case 6 years ago — 2 years ago


Notorius Gropello

Opened at Slim Chance Farm on April 26th to go with stew beef Nick got at Farmers Market. As the designated shopper, he has discovered grass fed beef farmer. — 2 years ago

Selva Capuzza

San Donino Garda Classico Chiaretto Gropello Rosé Blend

We bought this direct from the vineyard after a tasting just as nice to drink back in the uk! Will order again — 4 years ago


Torrazzo Gropello Marzemino

Manzoni bianco. Fresh lemon and slightly musky intense flavors, with an oily character on the finish. — 5 years ago