Brut Treviso Prosecco

This Prosecco is light and bubbly, hazy and soft, with apple and pear crisp notes; it’s very subtle, delicate, and has foamy bubbles.

Still it’s crisp and the acidity pairs well with the fried crab cakes made using my father’s mayonnaise recipe flavored with Dijon mustard, garlic, thyme, flat leaf parsley, and chives and with minced jalapeño and red bell pepper on top paired with a green salad made with a champagne / Dijon dressing (also my father’s recipe).

Merci, mon cher Père 🙏💕

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— 4 months ago

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Familia Masera Giol

Zentas Grand Reserve Malbec 2012


Smooth and rich in flavor: 2012 grand reserve — 6 years ago


Delle Venezie Pinot Grigio 2019

Delicious. Strong nose of bouquet of citrus and fruits and a taste to match. Can still taste the wonderful-ness the morning after, with ZERO hangover 😉 — a year ago

Familia Masera Giol

Zentas Malbec 2013

Very smooth. Great wine. — 6 years ago


Treviso Prosecco

Hands down the best Prosecco I have had. Not cheap but beats most value Champagnes! — 7 years ago


Brut Prosecco

Wonderful Prosecco. Crisp, light, refreshing. Not too dry — nice and smooth. Goes beautifully with a high quality cheese plate. — 2 years ago


Sur Lie Treviso Prosecco

This was surprisingly pleasant. Lots of substance but so smooth and easy to drink. Dry and fruity but no harsh edges. Unfiltered with only a few bubbles but really enjoyable. #prosecco #veneto #glera #italy — 5 years ago

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