Forlì , Emilia Romagna

Soc. Agr. Croci Ermanos

Lubigo Frizzante Bianco VdT Ortrugo 2016

2016 printed on the wine shop label but I cannot find on the bottle label. Bruised apple and funk aromas carry through to the flavors. Minimal frizzante. I drink a lot of sour ales and craft cider and this fits right with them. The tartness and funk mellowed after a bit in the glass and I enjoyed it more than my wife and daughter. — 5 days ago

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Cantina Di Carpi E Sorbara

Piazza Grande Lambrusco di Modena Spumante Rosato Brut

Day drinking sparkling lambrusco. Clean, tight bubbles, super dry, mild stonefruit. $12 — 5 days ago

Azienda Agricola Crocizia

Besiosa Malvasia di Candia

Rose. Sparkling. Pineapple. Lots of fruit. Lots of sediment. Not for those that want a clear wine. — 9 days ago

Podere Pradarolo

Velius Rosso Asciutto 2013

Ink splatter sediment from seven years in bottle. Still full of life.

Smells of brand new leather - like driving a new car off the lot. Cedar, clove, sour cherries and blackberries. Acidity could burn a hole in your carpet.
— 18 days ago

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Famiglia Carafoli

l'Onesta Lambrusco di Sorbara

Best red, dry sparkling wine I have tasted. Nice wild berry aromas and a nice, strong berry taste. Will be going back for more. Was the accompaniment to our Texas Thanksgiving turkey & jalapeno dressing meal. — 5 days ago

Donati Camillo

Il Mio Lambrusco 2018

Grown up subtle Lambrusco. Not too sweet, rich purple color, rounded notes. Very drinkable. — 8 days ago


Vino di Tavola Dinavolo

Kumquats, pithy / wet cement, honeyed white flower, melon, Tang, concentrated and deep, orange zest, ferrous, long finish. Enjoyed with friarelli and sausage pizza. Well made and electric. Fab orange wine for €24 (bought in Rome). — 10 days ago

Il Farneto

Giandon Malvasia

Honey, orange blossom, coriander, and lime. Sweet on the nose, but balanced on the palate. Low acid. — 7 days ago


Neromaestri Lambrusco 2018

This one can come off as smokey. Like peat or wood smoke without the iodine/salinity. I personally like it, but it might not be everyone’s bag. — 12 days ago

La Sabbiona

Rosso Della Torre Sangiovese di Romagna Superiore

Smooth, dry, earthy, with a burst of cherry, like Luxardo Cherries. — 7 days ago