Domaine U Stiliccionu

Swick Wines

Wyd? U up? Chardonnay

Joe Swick can do no wrong. — 13 days ago

Château de Saint-Cosme

Saint-Joseph Syrah 2016

After 3 hours this was singing pure syrah notes. Bacon olive tapenade and big fruit attack. if u see it get one for the price a bargain — 3 hours ago

Hall Wines

Darwin Napa Valley Cabernet-Syrah Blend 2014

Heavy Things! Delicious and full of flavor. The nose is extremely weigh(TY). You should phind this wine wherever u can! — 14 days ago

Château Hosanna

Pomerol Red Bordeaux Blend 2001

silky franc smell takes u to heaven....aftertaste was a little too short to make it a great wine — a month ago

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Ron R

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Dude, great wines you’re quaffing. Respect ✊

Hanibal Premium Badge

thanks @Ron R ... we are certainly both blessed ... can't complain 👍

Production Unique Rebelle P-U-R

La Boutanche Rosé Blend

Floral nose, juicy fruits, watermelons, raspberries, strawberries, cherries but not too sweet. Truly delicious, easy drinking. — 19 days ago

Bodega Norton

1895 Colección Cabernet Sauvignon 1895

House wine at El Establo, BsAs, U$D 3.00 (ARS 190). W LJB — 10 days ago

Cseri Pince

Legenda Red Blend 2015

That’s the way a red wine is supposed to perform. This blend is excellent. Aged in American oak (U!S!A!), I could drink this all damn day. Best Hungarian wine I’ve tasted, other than the mulled wine they sling at the Christmas markets. — 10 days ago

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Precession Grenache 2015

Kirk F

Thank u @Stanley Barrios can’t imagine a better way to begin our first trip to Paso Robles. This was my favorite, absolutely off the charts. Bravo! — 13 days ago

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Bill Bender

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@Kirk F great running in to you in Paso! It’s a small f’n wine world! And @Stanley Barrios is a bad ass kicking ass. Love the visit to his place.
Bill Bender

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You too @Michael Mathews and your Vikings looked solid against not America’s team.
Michael Mathews

Michael Mathews

Paso is magical. Great seeing you all in person in Paso....had no idea how special of a place. Top, Cordant, Turtle Rock, Epoch and Law now all on club list....drink up, live long. Cheers!!

Domaine Macle

Vin de Garde Château Chalon Savagnin 2008

yes...that high...if u have be happy and dont open before another 5 or 6 years as per the vigneron that I met today — 21 days ago

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Linda Vista Vineyard Chardonnay 2017

Steve! My boy! U live next to an apple orchard or what??? — a month ago

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