Domaine Pascal Cotat

Pascal Doquet

Diapason Le Mesnil Sur Oger Grand Cru Champagne Blend

2009 Base. Disgorged January 2018. Continuing on the rich and autolytic spectrum, this was stone fruit, brioche and lightly toasted marshmallow. That being said, it was noticeably drier than the Philipponat Royale Reserve that preceded it and seemed to have a slightly greater depth of character. — 12 days ago

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Pascal Janvier

Jasnières Chenin Blanc 2017

Digging the sour. Lemon tempted by lactic acid and a little brett barnyard funk. Natural wine peeps celebrate and enjoy. It's for me with goat curry, bravo — 16 days ago

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Agrapart & Fils (Pascal Agrapart)

Minéral Grand Cru Extra Brut Blanc de Blancs Champagne 2011

2011 was apparently not a great year in Champagne and I felt like that showed a bit as this wasn’t quite as memorable as some of the other Agrapart Mineral’s I’ve enjoyed. It was still delicious with a great mix of acidity, fruit and texture. — 22 days ago

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Domaine Pascal Cotat

Les Monts Damnés Sancerre Sauvignon Blanc 2016

Soft pear, green melon with lovely balance - this Sancerre is best served cool but not as cold as New World SBs — a month ago

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Réyane & Pascal Bouley

Volnay Pinot Noir 2016

Now called pierrick. Wow. Big dense fruit. Not typical for volnay. Crazy density. Plums. Delicious. An odd year but awesome. Bought from fass selections. — 13 days ago

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Domaine Pascal Aufranc

Probus Juliénas Gamay 2015

Very fruity! Strawberries dominate but some hints of cherry. Lacks structure and terroir, but for the price it’s not too shabby. Always good stuff at our favorite local restaurant! — a day ago

Brooke Weaver Jakubowski
with Brooke

Domaine François Cotat

La Grande Côte Sancerre Sauvignon Blanc 2007

Robe claire très claire
Nez épicé amande anis puissant voir pour certains trop lourd
Bouche épaisse mélangeant de la lourdeur aromatique à un équilibre douteux sur la maturité
Perso j aime bien mais ne fait pas du tout l unanimité tres chargé en soufre
— 2 days ago

picolator El Vibro
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Pascal Janvier

Cuvée du Silex Jasnières Chenin Blanc 2017

White spring flowers in a glass. — 18 days ago

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Pascal Chalon

La Petite Ourse Red Rhone Blend 2010

Well rounded, full palate, maybe just a little dull, might be the age? — 19 days ago

Pascal Jolivet

Sancerre Sauvignon Blanc

At La Belle Helene — 6 days ago