Domaine L'epicourchois

Domaine L'Epicourchois

Sassayen Sauvignon Blanc 2017

Really love this wine. First day was better than the second. Full bodied, rich with acidic finish. — a year ago

Vicki Sliwa
with Vicki

Luc Percher

l'Epicourchois Cheverny Rouge

Paired well with the steak at Catbird Seat. A very earthy red. — 2 years ago

Luc Percher

l'Epicourchois Cheverny Blanc 2013

I can't remember having many wines that went better with a burger. — 7 years ago

Luc Percher

l'Epicourchois Cour Cheverny Blanc 2011

Nice nose of orange and a little peachy too. Some minerality too. — 7 years ago

Rivka FriedmanNavin Nayak
with Rivka and Navin

Luc Percher

Racines l'Epicourchois Menu Pineau Sauvignon 2010

We are watching the oscars and drinking geek wine — 7 years ago

Darwin PobleteShane DunleaScott Gregory
with Darwin, Shane and 1 other
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