Domaine Du Tariquet

Domaine du Tariquet

Entracte Brut Nature Zéro Dosage Chenin Blanc Chardonnay 2019

— 3 months ago

Domaine du Tariquet

Hors D'age Reserve Bacquie Bas-Armagnac 2005

Cuvée 2005... vieilli 15 ans en chêne. Un cadeau de longue date fraîchement débouché. Comme un Grand Marnier mais de luxe ! Wow, quel équilibre. — 10 months ago

Domaine du Tariquet

Vin de Pays des Cotes de Gascogne Ugni Blanc Colombard 2014

This has fresh peach and pear fruit with a honeysuckle finish. It's light and refreshing. I had it with roasted tuna and summer squash, and fresh pasta that my daughter made as a Father's Day gift, all dressed with persillade and olive oil. This was a good pairing, but this wine would be an excellent aperitif. Low alcohol, so you could drink this in the afternoon. — 5 years ago

Domaine du Tariquet

Tête de Cuvée Côtes de Gascogne Chardonnay

Pas commun du tout.
Super interessant, pour l apero.
Grosse concentration!
— 3 years ago

Leah Benedetti
with Leah

Domaine du Tariquet

Côtes de Gascogne Sauvignon Blanc 2015

EASY drinking sweet and fruity very tropical - too sweet for a meal but fun to just sip — 5 years ago