Distilleria Quaglia

La Spinetta

Bricco Quaglia Moscato d'Asti

Absolutely perfect paired with key lime pie or a tropical fruit cheesecake. Notes of roses, peonies, honey, green and red apple, apricot. Long and balanced finish. Lightly effervescent. Will stock up next time I see. — 15 days ago

Distilleria Quaglia

Vermouth del Professore Rosso 2019

Super. So much going on. Mint and bitterness and tangy fruity honeyed sweetness. This is going on the favourite list with Dolin, Contrato and Carpano. — 8 months ago

Barbara Gazley
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Barbara Gazley

Barbara Gazley

Has that spicy “kick” aroma I’m looking for with lots of rich lingering flavors

V. Sattui Winery

Quaglia Vineyard Ancient Vine Zinfandel 1865

Don’t remember the last time I drank Zinfandel, so I’m not sure if most taste like this. BUT it’s so smooth and flavorful. The beginning half of the sip is mellow and low key (ya know?). The after-tones are very nice. Subtle tartness. Not too dry. Thanks to Alex’s mom :) — 2 years ago

Alex Korfel
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Distilleria Quaglia

Vermouth del Professore Classico 2019

Interesting. Very very herbal with quite a lot of bitterness for a white vermouth. — 5 months ago

Barbara Gazley
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Antica Distilleria Quaglia

Berto Bitter

A Campari killer. Loving the viscosity and balance. Nautral coloring here
If you are a fan of the old Campari recipe this is for you
— a year ago

Distilleria Quaglia

Fernet Liqueur

Minty! Not as sweet as Branca. — 5 months ago

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Distilleria Varnelli

Amaro dell'Erborista

Just love this stuff. Put it over an ice cube. Lovely. Bitter with lots of herbal, earthy, rooty notes. Unique. — 7 months ago

Distilleria Romano Levi

Signorina Camille Grappa

Delightful. — a year ago

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Sibona Antica Distilleria

La Grappa di Barolo Nebbiolo

First Grappa. Need some saucisson and gorgonzola or something. She is strong, but fruity and smoky. — 2 years ago

Erin Maher
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