Teranino Red

Special Wine. This Teranino is a sweet dessert wine from Dalmatia. Hints of berries, cinnamon, spicy, called “wine for ladies” by the locals. Special experience from an emerging wine region. Autoctone. — 11 days ago

Badel 1862

Korlat Travarica barrique

Delicious end of dinner spirit. Velvety — 11 days ago

Vina Belje

Graševina 2013

クロアチアのワインは初 — a day ago

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Vinarija Benkovac Syrah 2012

Top Syrah from Croatia - Dalmatia. - Had it at ManO2 in Zagreb. With duck breasts and beets on Cabernet Sauvignon reduction, baby carrots and beetroot foam. Fine Zagreb dinner. — 11 days ago


Terre 13 Refosk

Well integrated, delight full palette. Interesting varietal, Refost! Brought memories of our stay in Istria Croatia — 6 days ago

Jeff OrlowskiJoe Roth
with Jeff and Joe
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Jako Vino Winery

Malvazija 2013

Crazy good orange Malvasia from Croatia. Sweetness balanced with beautiful acidity. — 21 days ago

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Clai Biejele Zemlje

Sveti Jakov Malvazija 2013

Savory orange wine from Croatia — 15 days ago

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Kraljevski vinogradi

Vina Punta Skala Crljenak

— a day ago

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Dry Plavina 2016

2016. Kind of...loved it a lot. Musky and a wee bit barnyardy and not heavy. — 12 days ago

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Grgić Vina

Kvalitetno Vino Pošip 2016

We were in Croatia several years ago and tried this one not knowing it was Grgic as in "Mike Grgich" in Napa Valley, Judgement of Paris, etc. Well, we bought this latest bottle from the Napa winery yesterday (they import it to the US and can ship to several US states) and it has the same waft of apple that I remember from the older vintages we tried and brought home from Croatia. Apple and a nose of sage. Just so fresh and savory. We've paired these wines with great success with chicken, turkey, pork, and fish, but today it was a nice morning wine all by itself on our hotel balcony welcoming a cloud-free day in Napa. I enjoy this wine. — 5 hours ago

Anita Livingstone
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